How to become a psychiatrist in India

Pursue science in school

Physics, chemistry and biology are important for this career

Sit for the NEET

You need to clear this national medical exam to apply for colleges

Obtain an MBBS degree

The program lasts 5.5 years, including a year of internship

Some Indian universities to study psychiatry:


Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Aligarh Muslim University

There are many reputed universities for psychiatry!

Some foreign universities to study psychiatry

Harvard University

King’s College London

Stanford University

Apply for your licence

Psychiatrists need a licence from the state in India where you want to practise

Obtain an MD in Psychiatry

Alternatively, you could obtain a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine

These are some places where you can apply for a job

Public hospital, private hospital, military centre, rcentre, nursing home, prisons, or open your own clinic!

The salary range for a psychiatrist can vary greatly, depending on their skill level or place of work.

It can vary from around Rs. 3 to 13 lakhs per annum

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