Here’s a quick overview of how to become a Product Manager.

All aspects of the product, including its design, implementation, introduction, and success, are monitored and managed by the product manager (product cycle).

Who is a Product Manager?

– After the tenth grade, a student who wishes to become a product manager can select any discipline, such as science, commerce, or the arts. – After your 12th grade year, enrol in a business management or comparable college degree.

Step 1: Stream Selection

– Courses for certification can be taken before, during, or after graduation. – These certificate programmes will assist in getting knowledge from subject matter experts in the field as well as project-based experience and abilities.

Step 2: Certificate Courses and Program

– After Grade 10, one may pursue any field, as was previously said. – However, the scientific stream would be better if one intended to become a product manager specifically for design or technical items.

Step 3: Educational  Qualifications

– Bachelor in Business Management (BBM)  - 3 years – Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) - 3 years – Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)  - 3 years

Under-Gradaute Courses in India

– Bachelors in Product Design and Development - 3 years – BA (Hons) Business Management - 3 years – Bachelor of Business Administration - 3 years – Bachelor of Management in Business Economics - 3 years – Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Management and Technology - 3 years

Under-Graduate Courses Abroad

You need to do these following things if you want to become a Product Manager.

Step 4: Job Preparation

– One can apply for product management internships in various sectors during or after undergraduate study. – Develop the abilities and experiences that can be added to your portfolio while applying for internships.

#1 Internships

Any format is acceptable for a portfolio, which should include contact information, case studies, reviews, and comprehensive information about the projects you have worked on.

#2 Creating a Portfolio

– Even though it's a managerial profession, a Product Manager can work remotely. – However, it would be preferred if applicants had prior relevant industry experience.

#3 Freelancing

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