Here’s a quick overview of how to become a Product Designer.

Who is a Product Designer?

A product designer is a specialist who oversees a product's full design process, from concept to completion. A product designer can also work on improving an already-existing product. Essentially, this is about how a current product might be changed to fulfil a different or better function.

Step 1: Stream to select

Whichever field of study you choose to pursue is essentially up to you.

Step 2: Certification Courses and  Project Courses

There are numerous online courses that can help you undertake your own analysis of that. Certificate in Fashion Knitwear and Production Technology by NIFT Product Design Certificate by Parul University.

Step 3: Educational Requirements

The path forward will be paved with skill development, specialised diploma programmes, certifications, or an academic degree in product design

Diploma Courses

Advanced Diploma in Product Design by RMI International Mumbai. UG Diploma in Digital Product Design by Ecole Intuit Lab.

Under-Graduate Courses in India

B.Des in Product Design - 4 Year course BFTech in Apparel Production - 4 Years B.Des in Textile Product Design - 4 Year course BVA Product Design - 3 Year course

Under-Graduate Courses Abroad

Bachelors of Design in Product Design - 3 years BSc (Hons.) Product Design - 3 years Bachelors of Design in Industrial Design - 3 years Bachelors of Design in Industrial Design - 3 years BSc (Honours) Product Design and Technology - 3-4 years

Step 4: Job Preparation

Nothing can help you land a job as a product designer more than your portfolio. Here are some suggestions for things to include in yours.

#1 Work Experience:

You must put up a strong portfolio to distinguish yourself from the other applicants for the position of Product Designer.

#2 Create a portfolio:

Save everything you produced as you accumulated your portfolio over time. When you begin applying for jobs, this will prove to be a tremendous asset.

#3 Learn digital softwares:

You need to learn how to use programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, and other ones in this digital age.

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