How to Become a Market Research Analyst?

What do they do?

They assist businesses in maintaining a competitive advantage by uncovering and delivering data-driven insights into future markets, competitors, etc.

Advanced education

Have a bachelor's degree in marketing, market research, statistics, computer science, maths, business administration, or a closely connected discipline.

Higher education

Although an MBA or other higher education is not needed for leadership jobs, it is frequently preferred.


It is optional but highly recommended because it helps to establish professional competency.

Skill set

Some personality traits and acquired skills will aid your success as a market research analyst.

Computer skills

Knowledge of Microsoft Office, as well as statistical software platforms (SPSS, SAS, and Market Sight) can aid in data sorting and trend creation.


Analytical and maths skills are required for analysing study data.


You should feel confident speaking in public and delivering outcomes to internal team members and management.

Ability to multitask

You should be able to manage many projects with a short turnaround time.


You'll need to be able to communicate effectively with all levels of management, internal workers, clients, and vendors.

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