How to become a Hydrologist?

A hydrologist is a scientist who studies the subsurface and surface waters' distribution, circulation, and physical qualities.

College Degrees needed

A bachelor’s degree to start with, a Master’s degree to climb higher

Licences needed

Pass a test after completing specific education and experience requirements.


A bachelor's degree and five years of work experience. A master's degree and four years of experience. Or A doctoral degree and three years of experience are all required to get certified.

First Job Profile

Entry-level Hydrologist where you work as a research assistant or technician in a laboratory or office.

Important Skill Set

When formulating strategies to respond to risks to the water supply, critical thinking is required.

Verbal and Communication skills

Being able to speak clearly and effectively helps you to convey and explain your results to others, especially people who may not have a scientific background.

Writing abilities

Being able to properly explain your results to your professional colleagues requires excellent writing skills.

Analytical skills

Analysing obtained field data correctly will assist you in assessing water quality and resolving issues.

Interpersonal skills

You collaborate closely with other scientists and government authorities.

Extra Skill Set

You must be able to fulfil goals, work autonomously, and meet deadlines while juggling many responsibilities. Also for data extraction and reporting, you'll need to know Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet programme.

Just keep in mind

Fieldwork may include hiking to isolated sites while hauling testing and sampling equipment.

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