How to become a  Guidance Counsellor?

 How to become a  Guidance Counsellor?

They work in schools/educational institutions to provide students with academic, personal and career guidance.

What do they do?

Relevant degrees, certifications, and prior experience in counselling.

What do they need?

Most states require school counsellors to have a master's degree in addition to supervised experience and a completed internship.

Master’s degree

Public school counsellors must have a state-issued licence or certification in order to practise, while the standards differ by state.


The amount of experience needed to get a position as a school counsellor varies depending on the state, school district, and job market.

Job and Job Experience

To find a solution, you must first understand what is truly going on.

Qualities You’ll Need

#1 Perception

Excellent listening and speaking abilities will enable you to comprehend what others say and assist you in explaining things to them.

#2 Fair Mindedness

Be open and honest with children, teachers, and parents in order to gain their trust and determine the problem and the best solution.

#3 Honesty

Be able to cope effectively with challenging situations, such as a student suffering with domestic abuse, addiction, or a criminal issue.

#4 Mental Strength

If the student is accused of committing a crime such as theft or drug misuse, seek appropriate intervention.

#5 Ethics

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