How to become  a Firefighter?

 How to become  a Firefighter?

What do they do?

Firefighters perform an important public service that most people are unaware of until an emergency occurs.

Candidates with a college diploma are more likely to move to positions such as fire captain, and firefighters must have particular licences and qualifications

Educational background

While having an associate's or bachelor's degree can offer you an edge in the hiring process, it is not always essential.

Bachelor degree

Firefighters must receive the proper licence and endorsements to operate a fire truck and other emergency vehicles after being employed.


EMT certification is necessary, but some departments allow new hires to acquire it as part of their comprehensive new firefighter training programme.


These programmes are physically and emotionally demanding.

Demanding job

Firefighters do not require experience to be employed since the new hire training programme is so demanding. If experience was essential, there would be no practical way for someone to earn it.


Because firefighting is such a specialised career, training can only begin once a position has been acquired.


Firefighters undergo frequent training in emergency management and the newest firefighting techniques and technology in addition to new recruit training.

Severe Training

Volunteering as a volunteer fireman can help someone get a full-time job, but it may be impractical for someone in the middle of a career transition.

Volunteer work

Volunteer firefighters make up the majority of small-town and unincorporated area fire departments.

How do they work?

They simply do not have the financial means to hire experienced firefighters.

The problem faced

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