How to Become a Court Reporter?

What do they do?

Court reporters create and maintain official written transcripts of legal proceedings, such as trials, hearings, and legislative meetings.

Educational background

A minimum of two years of college education is required for court reporting jobs, and some states may demand a professional license

Take classes

Take classes at a community college or technical school to learn how to become a court reporter.


You may graduate with an associate degree or a post-secondary certificate, depending on the programme.


Working in this industry may need a professional license in some states.

Written exam

You must pass a written exam to obtain one. This test is frequently covered in your training programme.


Certification is available through a variety of professional groups. While this certification isn't necessary, it can help you land a better job.

Soft skills

To be an effective court reporter, you need specific soft skills in addition to formal training and licensing requirements.


You must be able to understand all you hear in order to record what happens during the proceedings.

Writing Skills

Court reporters must be outstanding writers with a broad understanding of grammar and a large vocabulary.

Some extra skills

> You must be able to comprehend written documents. > Concentration is required to retain focus for long periods of time. > Precision is essential; missing something can be costly.

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