How to become a Chartered Financial Analyst

Enroll in the CFA program

To become a CFA candidate, you have to first enroll in the CFA program before registering for the Level I exam.

Educational Qualifications to apply for CFA

To enroll in the program, you need to meet one of the following requirements:

Full-time Work experience is a bonus

a bachelor's degree or should be In the final year of bachelor's degree program

Other Requirements

candidates must also own an international travel passport,Have English, meet the professional conduct admission criteria

Pass all 3 CFA exams

Subjects and topics covered in these exams

Ethical and professional standards


Equity investments

Fixed income and portfolio management.

Level I:

Focuses on investment tools, testing your knowledge of ethical and professional standards

Level II:

Focuses on asset valuation, testing your ability to apply standards to situations that analysts

Level III:

Focuses on portfolio management, testing your ability to apply standards in regard to portfolio management and compliance

Time Investment required

While some professionals can study for the exams while working in the field, others find concentrated study to be a more successful strategy.

Obtain qualified work experience

48 months of “acceptable work experience” is required, which can be achieved before, during or after taking the exams.

Submit reference letters

After you have passed the three exams and acquired the necessary work experience, you will need to start preparing reference letters to submit to the CFA Institute.

Apply to become a charterholder

This requires you to submit a Membership fee as well as your Documents and certificates for review.