How to be a support staff in an IPL team

Do you want a viable career that could also help your favourite IPL team?

Read ahead to find out more about support staff roles!

Some jobs that are a part of support staff for cricket teams:

Coach (head, bowling, fielding, S&C)

Talent scout

Performance analyst


Physical trainer


Administrative manager

Now let’s find out about the qualifications you need to get these exciting jobs!

Each role will have specific needs but these are the common requirements ...

Obtain the necessary education

You may need a degree for some roles whereas others may need certifications

Pursue further education if your desired job needs a degree

Candidates who have completed their masters will have a higher chance for this coveted job

Get relevant experience

Ensure you have enough work experience in the same or similar field

Have adequate knowledge about the sport

An understanding and passion for cricket will go a long way to connect with people in the industry

Check the age limit

Some job descriptions may mention a minimum or maximum age for applicants

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Want to learn more about unique careers?

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