How to be a Sports Agent for IPL?

A sports agent is a legal representative (hence agent) for professional sports figures such as athletes and coaches.

They procure and negotiate employment and endorsement contracts for the athlete or coach whom they represent.

With growing consciousness about health and fitness, more people are getting into sports and hence Sports Management

There have been constant new additions to the list of national and international Sports Events being held in India and globally.

There is no official eligibility criteria for getting into Sports Management, but a degree will definitely help

If PR and Networking are your strength and if sports is your passion, then you could start after 12th Grade itself with 45% marks

Some of the important skills required by a Sports Agent are:-


Discipline and time management


Look for internships-Work experience is the best way to get to know the field and create your network

After completing a Sports Management degree, some of the roles that you could fit into are:-

Sports Manager

Athletics Director

Sports Recruiter and Agent

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