How to be a Physiotherapist of any  IPL team

Interested in helping IPL players with their injuries and overall health?

Check out the career of sports physiotherapy!

Pursue science in school until 12th standard

Physics, chemistry and biology are needed for this career

Appear for JEE exam

You need to score well in this national exam to apply for relevant courses

Obtain a degree in physiotherapy

The course has a duration of around 3 or 4 years

Get some practical experience

Work under a reputed physiotherapist or in a clinic to get hands-on learning

Have adequate knowledge about the sport

This will be important to understand common cricket injuries and health concerns

Increase your qualifications and reputation

The job requirements for an IPl physiotherapist will include a high skill level and many years of experience

What is the salary like?

The average physiotherapist earns about Rs. 5.5 LPA. But a reputed physiotherapist for a sports team will earn much more!

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