How to become a  talent scout for an   IPL team

A talent scout is crucial for an IPL team’s success They watch players year round and then advise the team on selections

Look for internships with sports agents and managers to get as much work experience as possible


It's all about who you know in this field, so make sure you stay close to the world of cricket!


Don’t expect to become a bigshot scout right away. It’s okay to start small and work in junior positions for a while

Work your way up

This is not necessarily a glamorous job, as players get credited for wins and coaches get credited for plays

Love the work!

Formal education is not a requirement for this career, however a degree in sports management is definitely a bonus


Many people play cricket for years but then take a step back to be on the management side of things

Playing sports

The average salary of a sports scout in India is 40- 45,000 a month, however at the top you could earn almost 2 lakhs per month!


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