Here’s how this child wrote and directed a Wendy's ad campaign

This mom tweeted out her son’s hand drawn ad storyboard for Wendy’s

In just 7 hours, Wendy’s created a viral twitter campaign using only stock footage following Jantos’ exact concept, frame by frame.

But why would a massive company like Wendy’s with such a large marketing team and budget go with a child’s advertising campaign?

Wendy's executives say: "Clearly, [Julien] is wise beyond his years and has excellent taste, so we wanted to celebrate that in a uniquely Wendy's way,"

But why really, that can’t be the only reason right? What’s in it for Wendy’s?

Wendy’s has activated brand evangelists and months of word of mouth advertising through a couple hours of work, for free.

The campaign has been featured on adweek, prweek & campaignasia- exposure that cannot be bought.

So next time you have an idea, shoot your shot- it could land you on twitter's trending tab!

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