The Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2022

The top paying jobs of 2022 show that Tech is the future, with 4/5 being tech based, but can you guess the only one that isn't?

Data Scientist

The shift to digital has made Data Scientists a very in demand job profile, earning a base salary that's 36% more than other analysts on average.

Average Pay: Rs 12-15 LPA

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Cyber Security Specialist

With assets going online, protecting data has become a top priority for companies which is reflected in the rising demand for Cyber Security Specialists.

Average Pay: Rs 10-12 LPA

Cloud Engineers & Architect

The IDC reports India’s public cloud services will be worth $10.8 billion in 2025, and specialists in the area will see a pay hike of 60%

Average Pay: Rs 10-12 LPA

Product Manager

This is the only job on the list that isn't rooted in tech! But it does involve wearing multiple hats, almost like a mini-CEO with knowledge of multiple fields.

Average Pay: Rs 17.5 LPA

Full Stack Developer

Both start-ups and MNCs are on the lookout for Full Stack Developers, with demand going up 20% for front and and end development.

Average Pay: Rs 8-10 LPA