Could Urban Farming be the Right Career for you?

Could Urban Farming be the Right Career for you?

What do they do?

Urban farmers grow crops and rear animals for food in cities or towns. They use techniques like vertical farming and backyard gardens to be efficient.

You must obtain training, make a business plan and have thorough scientific knowledge of agriculture and urban farming techniques

How do I become one?

Yes!. You can get a diploma or degree in Agriculture or related fields.

Can I take other courses?

- Indian Agricultural Research Institute -    New Delhi - Indian Agricultural Research Institute -    Coimbatore - Parul University - Vadodara

What are the top colleges in India?

- Wageningen University and Research-    Netherlands - UC Davis - USA - Swedish University of Agricultural    Sciences  – Sweden

What are the top colleges in the world?

Having an educational background in agricultural science and being familiar with urban farming techniques is crucial.

What skills do I need?

You need a good work ethic, good time management skills, ambition, and a great interest in nature and agriculture.

What about soft skills?

Yes! The market revenue was $18,900 million in 2020, and is expected to reach $21,340 million by 2026

Is the industry growing?

Yes! Urban farming has many benefits, including being in charge of your own business and thus keeping 100% of the profit.

Is urban farming profitable?

Yes! The movie ‘Urban Farmers’ and the TV show ‘The Great American Farm Tour’ explore this career in depth.

Is the career referenced in the media?