Could  Landscape  Designing be the  right career for  you? 

 Could  Landscape  Designing be the  right career for  you? 

What do they do?

They plan and design residential, communal and commercial sites.

You will have to do a BA in landscape architecture (or a BSLA) and preferably obtain a Master’s degree too.

How do I get into this?

Of course! You can also get a certificate or diploma in landscape architecture after completing 12th grade.

What courses should I take for this?

- School of Planning and Architecture-    New Delhi - School of Planning and Architecture-    Bhopal - School of Planning and Architecture-    Vijayawada

What are the top colleges in India?

- Wageningen University- Netherlands - Swedish University of Agricultural    Sciences- Sweden - UMass Amherst- USA

What are the top colleges in the world?

You will need to love design, pay attention to detail and communicate clearly—and have relevant education and experience.

What skills do I need?

You should be curious, creative and flexible to be a successful landscape designer.

Do I need any soft skills?

Yes! The industry is expected to grow 6% from 2016 to 2026, as fast as most other industries.It’s current market revenue is in excess of $6.7 billion.

Is there a demand for landscape designers?

The average salary for a landscape designer in India is ₹9,34,911 per year

How much will I earn?

Yes! Documentaries like ‘The Big Uneasy’ and ‘Urbanised’ explore the career in depth

Is the career referenced in the media?

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