Here’s a quick overview about the UG Degree Courses and the Entrance Exams required to become a Fashion Designer.

– Fashion bachelor's degrees require three    to four years of full-time study. – These courses will give you the    fundamental abilities needed to work as    a fashion designer through a    combination of theory and practical    activities.

Bachelor Degree to become a Fashion Designer?

Covers a variety of disciplines, including fashion communication, product design, fashion design, textile design, and industrial design.

#1 Bachelor of Design (BDes):

The course covers the technical aspects of fashion design and clothes production.

#2 Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech):

The topics covered include specialised areas of interior design, leather design, footwear design, jewellery design, and accessory design.

#3 Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design (BSc Fashion Design):

The study discusses the fashion industry's marketing and merchandising aspects.

#4 Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising (BSc Fashion Merchandising):

In this course, trends that are closely related to the world of fashion and the market it serves—hits, misses, and the most recent—are examined.

#5 B.A. in Fashion Designing:

– To enrol in any of these bachelor's    programmes, you must pass the    admissions test. – So, after your 12th grade, you should    start getting ready for these exams.    Some of them consist of

Entrance Exams accepted by the Colleges in India

A joint admission exam for IITs and IISc is called the Common Entrance Examination for Design.


A two-tier design entry test is the NID Design Aptitude Test. For B.Des and M.Des students, preliminary and main exams are typically held.


The National Institute for Fashion Technology administers its own entrance exams at each of its branches around the nation.

#3 NIFT Examination

An art school in Jaipur called the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design administers its own entrance exam.


Private Indian Institute of Arts and Design is a school in New Delhi that offers courses in fashion design and manages its own entrance examination.


The ARCH Academy of Design administers the All India Entrance Examination for Design, a national-level exam, to applicants seeking undergraduate admission to its campuses in Delhi and Jaipur.


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