9 Careers in  Finance

 9 Careers in  Finance

Commercial banking offers a wide range of financial services, including savings accounts, checking accounts, and a number of lending choices.

#1 Banking for Business

Average Salary: 71 LPA

This is a high-intensity sector that entails selling and trading corporate securities as well as offering intelligent advice to businesses and individuals.

#2 Investment Banking

Average Salary: 96 LPA

They develop strategies on how to invest and save in order to achieve their client's financial objectives.

#3 Financial Planner

Average Salary : 47 LPA

Life, health, property, and other types of insurance are sold and negotiated by insurance brokers to meet the needs of their clients.

#4 Insurance Agent

Average Salary : 28 LPA

A public accountant maintains financial transactions, audits records, and prepares income tax returns for both individual and corporate customers.

#5 Accounting in the Public Interest

Average Salary : 49 LPA

Hedge fund managers use aggressive investment tactics while making investment choices on behalf of their customers.

#6 Hedge Funds Manager

Average Salary: 53 LPA

A career in venture capital focuses on expanding funding alternatives for small and startup businesses.

#7 Entrepreneurial Investor

Average Salary : 70 LPA.

They work with customers to devise the optimal approach for financing the acquisition of a family home, an office building, or a retail centre.

#8 Real Estate Agent

Average Salary : 45 LPA

A firm's earnings and deficits are tracked by a CFO, who develops a strategy to keep the company financially successful.

#9 Chief Financial Officer

Average Salary: 98 LPA

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