11 Skills you need to learn for life after 12th.

11 Skills you need to learn for life after 12th.

Time Management

Once you start with your academic lifestyle, you will be indulging in a lot more than just studies. Learning to manage your time is very important.

As one steps into college life, losing track of your health can be very easy. Eat, exercise and try leading a healthy lifestyle.


Even if we hope we never have to use them, self-defense skills come in handy when in an unexpected or dangerous scenario.

Self Defense

It is very important as having strong communication skills gives an edge to a person.

Communication Skills

Though it might seem like a burden, knowing how to budget your finances is crucial. Learn how to manage your bank accounts and how to build a good credit score.

Financial Skills

Every young adult needs to know about their rights and responsibilities and must have a general idea about the laws, rules and regulations prevalent in their area.

Know how your country works

Depending on your future profession you might get a chance to lead a team or take over a company. So build yourself up.


As one might say, “With great power comes great responsibility” one should learn to take up new responsibilities and practice living up to them.


Some professions solely depend on risk taking. Start getting the hang of it now.

Practice taking Risks

There might be times when not all things go as planned. Work might not get approved, the economy might crash, it could be anything. Try being more adaptable.

Be Flexible

One has to have a plan for their future, and not just a Plan A, a logical backup Plan B is also a must.


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