Planet-saving   Jobs on the   Rise

Evironmental Scientist

The ones to see the beginning of the change.

They use their knowledge and observations to advise policymakers to protect all life and nature with it.

Alternate Energy Jobs

Sustainable energy is the future if we are to have a future.

Solar Photovoltaic, Wind Turbine, and Tidal Power plants will soon be brimming with opportunities...

Urban Farmer

Moving from horizontal to the vertical

Replacing existing biodiversity for agricultural lands has cost us enough. Vertical farming is the way to go.

Green Creatives

Influencing innovation

Be it with upcycled fashion or waste art, they propagate sustainability as a practice.

Urban Planner & Landscape Designer

Planned use of space is effective use of space.

They balance human and nature’s needs to design harmonious urban and community spaces.


In order to save the earth it is important to know the Earth

They study the Earth’s processes, structure, and composition to understand how it changes with time.


Follow the water

They collect water samples, compile data and formulate plans to improve resource quality and availability.

Wildlife Biologist

Nature is as much a part of itself as we are of it.

They study all living organisms to understand how human and wildlife activities affect each other.

Environmental Lawyer

The champions to bring about the reform

They deal with sustainability related issues advocating clean technology and environment conservation laws.

Chief Sustainability Officer

A relatively new profile, companies are hiring CSOs to overlook environmental efforts, study the impact, and improve performance.

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