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UT Austin SAT

Dreaming of attending the University of Texas at Austin (or simply UT Austin)? If this college is on your list of dream schools, you already know about the competitive admissions process. This public research university in Texas is known for its academic research and impressive campus with museums and several libraries.

This university receives a lot of attention from first year students so you will have to do everything you can to make your UT Austin application stand out. The best thing to do is take the time to research everything you need before applying. This article is going to tell you about UT Austin SAT scores, UT Austin GPA requirements, UT Austin Application timelines, UT Austin acceptance rate, and more. 

UT Austin SAT Requirements

The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is used by many colleges in the United States to judge an applicant’s readiness for college level academics. As the test is standardized and administered to students across the country and world, it provides a better base measure than school scores, which can be heavily affected by school-specific factors.

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UT Austin SAT Policy

UT Austin is test-optional for the admissions cycle of 2021-22 due to the continued impact of Covid-19. These scores are not required as part of your application, however you may submit these scores to UT Austin if you want to. The university website says, “The university has been evaluating the impact on students of the cancellation of spring ACT and SAT test dates for some time. Tests have been cancelled, and it is expected that future in-person testing opportunities will be limited as a result of mandated social distancing requirements. As such, the university has determined that suspending this requirement for fall 2022 is necessary.” 

Scholarships awarded by UT Austin will not be affected by your submission or non-submission of standardised test scores.

UT Austin SAT Requirements 2022

The SAT score range for the middle 50% of all accepted UT Austin students in 2021 was 1240-1470. 25% of UT Austin students had a SAT score below 1240, and 25% had a score above 1470. 

Here is a breakdown of the UT Austin SAT scores for accepted applicants:

Test SectionAverage score (50th percentile)25th percentile75th percentile
SAT Maths685610760
SAT Reading + Writing670620720
SAT Composite135512401470

These scores are not binding, they simply indicate the typical UT Austin SAT section score range. 

UT Austin ACT Requirements 

Following the test-optional policy that has been adopted by the University of Texas, ACT scores are not required as part of your UT Austin application. However, you may include them if you think they accurately reflect your abilities. 

Here are the UT Austin ACT scores for the middle 50% of accepted applicants.  

Average score (50th percentile)25th percentile75th percentile
ACT Score302733

Thus, an ACT score of 27 or below would be below average considering the normal UT Austin ACT scores, and should be compensated by other parts of your application. An ACT score of 33 or above would put you comfortably above average. 

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UT Austin Application Timeline

Below is a quick breakdown of the dates you should keep in mind while applying. 

Application opensAugust 1
Priority Admission DeadlineNovember 1
Regular admission DeadlineDecember 1
Priority Admission NotificationFebruary 1
Regular Admission NotificationMarch 1
Deferred Priority Admission NotificationMarch 1

What UT Austin is Looking For 

UT Austin’s acceptance rate is approximately 32%. This is a highly selective acceptance rate which allows UT Austin to provide their students with a high quality education. They judge all applicants on the basis of their academic record and class rank, as well as any special accomplishments or achievements outside the classroom.  

While a high UT Austin SAT score or ACT score can give your application an edge, it is also important to show that you have more than just academic intelligence. 

For example, a project at Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA Program, where you do real work for real companies while still in high school, shows that you are ready to take on new challenges. Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA offers you the opportunity to work at world famous companies like PUMA, Kellogg’s and Domino’s.

The certificate you receive from these companies upon completion of the project is recognized by universities around the world. The projects you work on, like building an ad campaign or solving a technical problem for a mobile application, give you skills that you can actually apply in the working world and the admissions team will recognize this. 

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Introducing Clever Harvey College Catapult - Get in to your Dream College.
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