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Your teen has massive potential but you can’t figure outhow to channel them into skills?

Do you envision them as successful entrepreneurs but don’t know how to give them the foundation they need?

They have a flair for communication and don’t hesitate to put their ideas across?

Leadership naturally falls on your teen in every group task.

Your child can think on their feet and solve problems in a creative way?

Are you amazed at the unique ideas your child come up with?

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Some of the results our tens have been achieving

Harsh Bajpai, 14

Founder, EZHealth

showcased his innovation at Pareekhsha pe Charcha 2022 to PM Shri Narendra Modi

Palash, 14

Founder, OneLastChapter

OneLastChapter a community of website of book readers and has generated 1 Lac revenue in 1 month

Anshu & Shivani, 14

Founder, Serapy

founded a counselling platform for teen mental Health 

How does the 3-Hour program work?


the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy


High potential scheme and analyze their viability


Create & Pitch

your business plan to have a lasting impact

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Check out the potential career opportunities that need entrepreneurial skills

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Consultants identify roadblocks in the path of the business reaching their goals and work towards effectively removing them

Product Manager

Product Manager

The Product manager is responsible for developing and maintaining products for the business that will drive value to customers

Business Development

Business Development

A business development executive is responsible for growth in the company through increased sales and bringing in new customers

Business Analyst

Business Analysts

Analysts evaluate past and current data to improve the decision-making process within the the organization.

R&D Executive

The R&D executive plays a key role in defining the company, the role includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services

Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts study market conditions to examine the potential of a product or service in the market

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Clever Harvey’s programs are designed for teenagers to explore different career options, and build creativity, confidence and business acumen.