What’s more to technology other than coding for your teen?

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The subject of ‘Coding’ has been a hot-cake since 2020! While the world struggled through the lockdown some businesses caught many eyeballs by launching coding classes for children. Furthermore, the NEP 2020 (National Education Policy 2020) waving a green flag for teaching coding to kids from formative years, gave a boost to this field.

With the parents and stakeholders striving to find the best flavor in this association of children and technology let’s try to explore the other ‘cakes’ available for kids, with technology!

The Hot Cake! 

Coding forms the core of the information technology sector. Being able to write programs and design software is what is taught in coding. The knowledge of various languages like C++, Java, HTML etc enables one to create customised software. With IT sector capturing every facet of human existence, demand for people having the ability of coding is ever increasing.

Why Hot Cake? 

‘Learn to code’ is a soaring slogan piercing into the children’s world these days. Undoubtedly, coding-kids will have a better developed ability of analysis and problem solving. But coding done in the PG years can turn more fruitful, owing to enhanced perception of concepts and outcomes. Also starting too early-on with coding, one runs the risk of being saturated with it by the time they reach the age of actually monetising the skill. 

The Cheese Cake!

The IT industry also has some cheese to offer if one could identify it! Children using technology can venture into exploring other options offered by the IT sector. Fields like, animation, digital designing, 3D modelling, audio/video creation etc are lucrative and attractive. Alongside of the regular schooling and being involved in many other co-curricular activities today’s kids will find these cheesy offerings refreshing and easy to imbibe by put them to use right away. Instant gratification is a good motivator. 😊

Why Cheese Cake? 

The up-side of these ‘Cheese Cake’ options is that they have a gradual learning curve which very effectively synergizes with the learning curve of teen-age. The gradations possible in these fields of technology is well-suited to children without hampering their academic as well as overall growth.

The Cup Cake!

Juggling to choose the right kind of IT field for their child is any parent’s desire. No parent would want to pack their child’s future in a box from formative years, only to discover a distaste the kid might feel for it on growing up. Nonetheless, exploring new options should continue but enough attention should be given to the skill-development of the child.

Why Cup Cake?

This is that one ‘cake’ that will facilitate across all career choices. No matter what field the kid chooses to pursue, business acumen is one skill the kid would need anywhere and everywhere. Honing this skill from the formative years can prove to be a personality and confidence booster. Get the taste of this much-needed skill with Clever Harvey JuniorMBA, for more details click here

Final Cake!

Coding is a good skill to learn but the catch is not to overlook the other options and skills in the process of following the crowd. Let’s make sure we put the right ingredients while baking the cake of our child’s future!


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