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SAT Score

“What is SAT Score and how it is evaluated”,

this is the question that you might be having in mind if you are appearing for the SAT Exam anytime soon.

As you already know that colleges and universities also ask for SAT Scores to offer you admission, it becomes important that you understand components of scoring to help yourself ace the exam in a better way.

In order to help you get the concepts well, This blog talks about everything you need to know about SAT Scoring.

SAT Score Chart: How it works?

The SAT Score chart will help you to understand how scoring is done in SAT Exam.

Below is an SAT Score Chart with sections and possible raw points that are based on the number of total questions per section. The raw score is needed to be covered into a scaled score which is mentioned later in the article.

SectionsPossible Raw Point (maximum)
Writing and Language44

Raw Score Conversion Chart for SAT Exam in 2021-22

Here is the Raw Score Conversion Chart to understand the raw score and scaled score:

Image Source: College Board

So for your reference, if your raw score is 28 in Maths then after converting to scaled score it will be 520 which will be calculated out of 1600 as a cumulative score.

SAT Scoring: Understanding Raw Score & Scaled Score

There are two concepts that exist in SAT Scoring.

The first concept is a Raw Score which simply calculates how many right answers you did out of total questions.

The other concept is Scaled Score where the raw score is converted into a scaled score making it a comprehensive grading score which is out of 1600. The Score Chart officially released by College Board on their website can help you understand the conversion of raw scores into scaled scores which might vary as per different test dates.

SAT Raw Score

The SAT Raw Score is considered as a marking factor that represents correct answers out of total answers which is then multiplied by 10 to get the Scaled Score of that particular section. 

Every exam has a different format for calculating the scores and marking students. Since the calculation doesn’t happen straight based on per question marking scheme, there is a concept of Raw Score which exists to ease out of the system of offering cumulative scores to the candidates.

SAT Raw Score based on different sections

The SAT exam consists of various sections such as Reading, Writing & Language, and Mathematics. The various sections have different numbers of questions which count towards separate raw scores.

  • Reading Section: It consists of 52 questions which marks the total raw score as 52.
  • Writing and Language: It consists of 44 questions which marks the total raw score as 44.
  • Math: It has 58 questions which mark the total raw score as 58.

Here is a detailed example to help you calculate the scores:

  • Scenario 1: The SAT Reading Section consists of 52 questions so the total raw score will be 52 if you answer all the questions correctly.
  • Scenario 2: The Maths section consists of 58 questions (combining calculator and non-calculator sections) so the probability of the highest raw score is 58 if you attempted and answered all the questions correctly.

Note: The SAT Raw Score is a basic score that simply represents the total number of correct questions out of the total possible questions. This is then converted to a scale score which counts the cumulative grading score of 1600 (combining all sections). 

SAT Scaled Score

After calculating the raw score, you have to refer to the SAT Scaled Score sheet from the official website to get the Scaled Score of that particular section. Since there is an EBRW and Maths section, every section does carry a maximum scale score grade of 800. The scenario to convert raw score to scaled score may vary as per different sections.

SAT Score: Why it is Important

Do you know why SAT Score is important? Here is an in-depth insight into SAT Score and its importance to help you know why it matters to you:

Why to know about SAT Score?

The SAT Score is a thing of prime importance as it evaluates your ability and capability around topics related to Language, Reading, Writing, and Math. Since the SAT Score Chart is an extensive examination, it covers all those concepts which can help in assessing how well a candidate is suitable for studying in colleges abroad. 

As an SAT applicant appearing for the exam, it becomes important for you to understand concepts related to the SAT Score Chart so that you can prepare yourself well for attempting various sections and questions in the right way.

You also need to understand concepts like SAT Average Score, SAT Score Range, etc. in order to understand how SAT Score Chart determines your selection in a particular college or university.

SAT Score Helps in College Admission Abroad – Good SAT Scores & other factors

The SAT Score is a crucial criterion that will help you to get into colleges abroad. It helps you in deciding your future career, so it is important that you give good weightage to scoring well in SAT Exam. While SAT is one of the most crucial factors for getting admission, other factors like portfolio, extracurricular activities, community service, etc.

Can also play an important role in determining your eligibility. It is advisable that you should also focus on creating your portfolio by enrolling yourself in internships or career accelerator programs like JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey.

SAT Scoring: Know the Tactics to Excel

The information about how scoring and grading are done in the SAT Exam can help you to define your scope or strategy for scoring well in exams. It can also help you in deciding which sections cover the most marks and how easy it is to attempt for a particular section to score more. 

The SAT Scores can also help you in easily determining the probability of getting admission into colleges. Some colleges may ask for 95% percentile scores or some colleges may give you admission based on cumulative grades. Every college may have different scores or ranking criteria to shortlist you based on your performance in the SAT Exam along with your portfolio and high school grades.

SAT Score Range

The SAT Score Range in Scaled Score ranges between 200-800 points per section which contributes to a cumulative grade of 1600. Since the scaled score is calculated as per the chart released by College Board, it may differ in terms of exam date as the variety and difficulty level of questions may change.

Wondering why you should know about SAT Score Range? Here are some of the crucial factors to understand:

  • Sat Score Range: The SAT Score ranges between 800-1600 which determines whether a candidate is eligible to get selected into college or not. The average SAT score is 1051 as many of the students do score lesser and more than this figure.
  • Higher Scores mean higher probability of admission: The more you can score, it will increase your probability of getting a reputed college or university.
  • Percentile Ranking: It defines how much better you as a candidate have performed or scored as compared to other candidates who have appeared for the exam. The 90 percentile simply can be referred to as that you have performed 90% better than that of other candidates.

What is a Good SAT Score?

The SAT Score above 1200+ out of 1600 can be considered as a fairly good SAT Score which can increase your chances of admission to reputed colleges. However, you might need higher than 1400 to get into top colleges, but just remember a good attempt can open your doors for admission into some of the best colleges.

What is a Minimum SAT Score?

The minimum SAT score is 400 but it might not be as useful due to the fact that you cannot score admission with such a score. You have to target at least above 1000 to get into the probability of getting admission into colleges through SAT score.

What is an Average SAT Score?

The average SAT scores range between 1000 and 1200. Referring to the stats by the College Board, the score of 1051 is considered as an Average SAT Score with a score of 528 on EBRW and 523 in the mathematical section. However, this does not mean that your chances of getting into a particular college are 100%.

Some colleges or universities do require higher scores than others. For example, some universities require you to have at least 1500 or 1600 on your SATs while other schools can also consider scores just above 1150. You should check out the requirements of each university before applying so that you know how much you need to get to apply there.

Here is the list of Average SAT Scores by Top Reputed Universities

Harvard UniversityRanges between 1480 to 1600
Yale UniversityRanges between 1480 to 1600
Penn University1500
Northwestern UniversityRanges Between 1440-1550
University of ChicagoRanges Between 1500-1570
Cornell University1390
Source: USNews

Counting the Math: Good, Average & Highest SAT Scores

Good scores in SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) are important for you to get selected into good colleges. It gives you an idea about your academic skill combining the ability to read, write and understand subjects along with mathematics. If you have a score above 1400 on the SAT you can go for higher studies in top universities.

While referring to average scores, it can be considered as the score which is obtained by a maximum number of candidates, In various cases, 1050-1068 are considered as average scores. Now coming to the highest score, it ranges between 1500-1600 which is obtained by a very less number of candidates.

Check Highest SAT Scores

SAT Score Conversion Chart

The SAT score is based on the marks obtained in different sections of the test such as EBRW and Mathematics. The total score is counted towards converting the raw scores from every section to a scaled score, cumulative of which will be the total SAT Score. This practice is also good if done while doing practice tests so as to get insight into how SAT Scoring really works and how a candidate is evaluated based on scoring criteria.

The SAT Score Conversion chart may vary in terms of exam dates as the questions and difficulty level do change with every exam. You need to just calculate raw scores and then you can refer to the official score chart guide on the College Board website to get corresponding scaled scores for different sections like EBRW and Mathematics. 

ACT to SAT Conversion

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and ACT (American College Testing) are two popular examinations conducted to assess you based on your academic reasoning consisting of reading, writing, mathematics, etc. It decides whether you have the capability to get selected into colleges abroad or not.

Since both are competitive exams, you can opt for both exams to increase your probability of getting admission into good colleges. The SAT Score Range is 200-1600 while the ACT Score ranges from 1-36. The majority of colleges and universities do accept both scores separately.

ACTSATSAT RangeACT Percentile

FAQs related to SAT Score Chart

What is a good score in the SAT Exam?

A score above 1200 out of 1600 is considered a good SAT Score which can eventually help you to secure admission to college.

What is the highest score in the SAT Exam?

The highest score in SAT Exam is 1600 but seeing the probability it can be considered that any score above 1500 can be counted in the range of being the highest score. The candidates scoring 1500+ are counted in the percentile of 99.

What is the maximum score for the SAT Exam?

The maximum score for the SAT Exam is 1600.

How many times can we take the SAT Exam?

You are allowed to sit for the SAT Exam multiple times in a year. There is no limit on it as the exam is conducted 5 times a year. If you think you have not performed well, you can reappear several times.

Where to take the SAT Exam in India?

The SAT Exam is conducted across the nation in the designated centers allotted by the College Board. The major cities of India do have various centers where students can give the exam on a specified date.

The College Board also offers convenience to students in terms of selecting the exam center as per their choice.

How is the SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is considered one of the competitive exams which can help students to get into reputed colleges abroad. Since the exam tests the basic abilities related to reasoning, math, language, writing, learning, etc.

It doesn’t require students to put extra effort into learning concepts out of their reach. They can refer to their school subjects in order to appear in the exam. 

Which Exam is good among SAT and ACT?

There is no thin line between SAT and ACT as both are designed to help candidates score good marks to help them get shortlisted for colleges abroad. You can even have the choice to appear for both exams simultaneously.

What You Need Apart From SAT Score to Secure Admission?

To secure admissions in college abroad, you need to ensure that you also focus on building your portfolio while aiming for higher SAT Scores.

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Introducing Clever Harvey College Catapult - Get in to your Dream College.
Is giving SAT important? You gave the SATs, what’s next? Is SAT tougher than JEE? Is a score of 1000 good on the SAT? What is the syllabus for the SAT exam? 5 SAT prep tips you need! Changes to the new SAT in 2023 8 Indian Universities Accepting SAT Scores
Is giving SAT important? You gave the SATs, what’s next? Is SAT tougher than JEE? Is a score of 1000 good on the SAT? What is the syllabus for the SAT exam? 5 SAT prep tips you need! Changes to the new SAT in 2023 8 Indian Universities Accepting SAT Scores