SAT Maths Syllabus : Books, Preparation Tips and Sample Papers

SAT Math syllabus

We all know about the struggles that high school students face while dealing with Maths as a subject. It is usually seen that a lot of students fear math and this is the reason why they get muddled while preparing for competitive exams like SAT.

As an SAT Applicant, you should know how important SAT Maths is to ensure that you score well in the exam. While some find it tough and some think of it as a matter of practice, there are many ways to prepare for it in the right way. To help you get it well, this blog covers everything about SAT Math Syllabus and tips for preparation.

SAT Maths Syllabus 2022 and Type of Questions in SAT Maths

As an SAT Applicant, you need to prepare yourself in varied topics like algebra, problem-solving equations, data modeling, geometry, trigonometry, etc.

MCQ & Grid-In Questions

The Maths section covers the majority of questions that are multiple-choice based, but there are also a variety of questions which are called Grid-In where you will be required to write the answers.

Calculator & Non-Calculator Section

The SAT exam consists of two sections of Mathematics. The first section allows you to use the calculator while the second section will require you to solve questions without the use of a calculator. The general idea is to check the fluency of students on various concepts of mathematics.

Topic Structure of Maths Section

Are you looking for a brief idea of what types of questions are there in SAT Exam, here is the table that can help you to understand it well:

Question CategoryNo. of QuestionsScope/Areas of Topics
Algebra19Equations, Linear functions, Creating expressions, Functions, and Graphs.
Prob. Solving & Data Analysis17Units, Ratios, Rates, Percentages, Data Collection, Graphs, Scatterplots, etc.
Passport to Adv. Maths16Quadratic Equations, Polynomial Factors, and Graphs, Functions, etc.
Additional Topics6Trigonometry, geometry, complex numbers, etc.

Is SAT Math hard?

Maths is a subject that is crucial to test your logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Being an integral component of the SAT Exam, it does carry huge weightage that can impact your score. While referring to whether math is hard or not, it is sure that it needs dedication and practice to make you ace it well. The questions which come in the exam are of mixed nature as it aims to test your skills and abilities related to it. You should focus on practicing and understanding concepts well rather than fearing them.

Understanding SAT Maths Test and Syllabus

The College Board defines the maths section as the way to assess your caliber on the understanding of real-world problems. Rather than focusing on every concept, it emphasizes more on the relevance of a real-world application of mathematics. It can be for pursuing higher education, doing a job, or for use in day-to-day concepts. It is something that evaluates your understanding of how well you approach the concepts to apply maths in the real world. The questions designed for the exam can also test your problem-solving skills. As required for higher education, it also prompts you to make yourself familiar with advanced maths concepts by preparing for the SAT.

Concepts in SAT Maths Paper

The concepts are the foundational blocks that assess your understanding of a subject on different grounds. The maths section also covers various concepts that you might have already studied in early grades. From 8th to 12th standard, you might have come across various topics like algebra, problems, equations, etc.

Here are various concepts that act as a focal point in SAT Maths Paper Section:

  • Algebra and Linear Equations
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Questions on Advanced Maths (Basic Level)
  • Formulae and Equations

Is it Important to give weightage to Maths in SAT Exam?

While preparing for the SAT, you might think that you can give less weightage to one section and more to another. Since the SAT Exam is designed in a way to assess you on varied grounds, every section becomes an integral part. To help you understand it well, here is how the exam gets divided into varied sections.

The SAT Exam consists of the first and second sections of Reading and Writing Questions. After this, you will get two sections of mathematics with a time limit of 25 minutes and 55 minutes each. The second section of maths allows you to use a calculator. While understanding this scenario, you are now already familiar with the exam pattern. As the SAT consists of only two major sections like EBRW and Maths, it becomes crucial for you to focus on it equally.

SAT Math Preparation Books

There are various resources available to help you practice the maths section. While you might be wondering about which are the best books, here are some of the books compiled to help you get the most out of your SAT preparation.

Best SAT Math Prep Book for InstructionEmphasize on Common Maths Problems come with Practice Tests. Covers insights to improve your SAT score.
SAT Math Prep by Test Prep BooksFull-length test with answers and explanations.Strategies and Insights to help you ace the maths.Covers Overview of SAT.
Math Workout for the SAT by Princeton ReviewFocuses on expert reviews and core fundamentals of mathematics. Covers every section of maths to give you detailed insights.Covers core concepts to help you prepare well for the SAT exam.

Tips for preparing SAT Maths Paper

Struggling with maths? Here are some of the tips to help you simplify your efforts related to preparing for it in the right way:

  • Readiness for Mathematics: It is an obvious thing that a lot of students have a fear of mathematics. You might also have some kind of doubts related to preparing for maths. The best part of the SAT Exam is that it doesn’t need any practice of other topics out of what you usually study in school. As an SAT applicant, you need to make yourself ready to dive into the challenge to ace the maths section.
  • Develop Foundational Basics: The quick tip for you is to grab the basics of mathematics well. You can solve the questions very easily if you understand the foundations of maths.
  • Get Confidence: Once you approach maths in the right way, you will eventually get out of fear. You need to start practicing and become confident to attempt it with a positive attitude.
  • Practice & Practice: If you want to become an expert in maths, learn to practice it well. The only tip to solve math questions is to do practice well through mock tests and SAT Maths sample papers.
  • Sample Papers & Previous Year Paper: If you can do the assessment of the types of questions asked in the exam, you can prepare the strategy well. As per the experts, you should also focus on past exam papers to understand the section well.
  • Increase your time gradually: It is important that you invest more time to get hold of maths concepts. You should day by day gain competency to become better at it.
  • Solve Practice Tests: The Practice Tests by College Board is the best way to know the pattern of the exam. If you solve more questions, you will get a good understanding of it.

Ideas for attempting SAT Maths Paper Section

There are a lot of ways to see a problem but it is something that becomes more problematic if you are not that expert in it. To help you with it, here are various ideas which you can apply while attempting the SAT Maths Section:

  • Read the question carefully:

    Maths can trick you anytime. To get the question right, you need to read and understand it carefully.
  • Underline key part of question:

    The math questions come in the form of statements. It is important that you mark important parts of the question to know what you need to solve. This will save you from making useless mistakes.
  • Focus on solving it before time runs out:

    Once you have understood the question it is important to keep a watch on time. This is the skill you need to develop to attempt the math section well on time.
  • First attempt the questions which are easy to solve:

    This is one of the tricks that can save you from running out of time. Attempting easy questions first will also help you to complete most of the questions in less time.
  • Try to remember common formulas:

    The formulas in Maths are key to solving equations. It is something that will make you more aligned with solving equations with ease.
  • Get the motivation to solve Math Problems

    It is important that you build the toughness to approach Maths in the right way. Since some questions can be hard and some will be easy, you just need to build the acumen to attempt all types of questions. It is also important that you make yourself aligned with the idea of scoring well so that you get a better motivation to focus on math.

Success is a guarantee if you invest your time in building basic concepts as it is something that will help you become prepared well for the SAT Exam.

Conclusion: Things to keep in mind

As you have already been through the article, I am pretty sure that you gained some of the best insights related to SAT Maths Test Papers. Here are some of the key takeaways that can help you to understand the SAT Maths in a better way:

  • There is no hard or easy in Maths:

    Since this is the first question that every applicant like you ask, there is really no specified definition for it. It matters how much you practice turning hard things into easy solutions.
  • SAT allows Limited Use of Calculator:

    It is quite an interesting thing that SAT allows you to use the calculator in the second section of mathematics which is of 55 minutes time limit.
  • Practice well & become confident:

    It is important to understand that you need to practice mathematics well in order to become confident in solving complex problems. It requires you to focus and dedicate the majority of time in turning your weakness into strength.
  • Take Full-Length Practice Tests:

    The full-length practice tests on the College Board website can give you a better understanding and ideas to prepare yourself for the Maths section. It will also help you to strengthen your conceptual understanding.

FAQs related to SAT Maths Syllabus and Test Paper

Does the SAT Exam have negative markings?

No, the SAT Exam doesn’t have any negative marking.

Is Maths important for the SAT Exam?

Yes, Maths is an integral part of the SAT Exam and it is recommended that you should give it equal weightage to score well.

What does SAT Maths Test assess?

The SAT Maths tests assess your ability to solve complex mathematical problems. It also evaluates your understanding and readiness of Maths concepts that you may require in higher studies.

Does the SAT Math Section allow calculators?

Yes, Section 2 of maths allows you to use the calculator to attempt the questions.

Does the SAT Math section have MCQ?

Yes, SAT Math has both multiple-choice and grid-in questions. In grid-in questions, you will be required to write the solutions instead of choosing the answer.

What is the SAT Exam syllabus for Maths?

The SAT exam syllabus covers algebra, trigonometry, geometry, data analysis, problem-solving, advanced Maths concepts, etc.

Does the SAT Maths section contain graphs?

Yes, the SAT Maths section does have some of the questions from Graphs. 

Can I write sat exam in 11th std?

Yes, you are eligible to sit for the SAT Exam after class 11. Since the SAT Exam consists of foundational topics that you might have already studied, it becomes easy for you to attempt this exam.

How to apply for the SAT exam in India?

You need to register for the SAT exam on the official college board website.

What apart from SAT Scores will get you into top colleges? Does maths score play a role?

Most of the colleges and universities do ask for cumulative SAT Scores while many may ask you scores based on different sections like EBRW and Maths separately to check your competence level. Apart from that, you also need to have a good GPA in high school along with a portfolio to get into top colleges. If you haven’t built your portfolio yet, it is recommended that you take courses or join career discovery programs by Clever Harvey. It is something that will offer you insight into real-world careers through practical projects which will also help you to build your portfolio.

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