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SAT math test

“I am Not Confident About the SAT Math Test”

If you think you are among the few students who just don’t get along with Math, you are most definitely not alone. There are many other students who find it difficult to score well in Math or have ‘Math phobia’. Yes, it is a real thing.

Although it is a genuine fear or concern for many students, you cannot let this stand in your way of studying at your dream university abroad. With this helpful article, we will give you all the information you will ever need to crack your SAT Math test section like SAT Maths Test Papers, test pattern and more.

SAT Math Practice Tests PDF with Answers

To score well on the SAT Math test you need to ensure that your preparation includes a lot of practice tests. The more you practice, the more efficient you will be at solving problems in the given time. It also helps you in becoming familiar with the structure of the SAT exam and the type of Math questions that might come on the final day. 

You should refer to these official College Board SAT Math practice tests PDFs with answers and sample questions to kickstart your preparation in the right direction. 

SAT Math Practice Test PDFs with Answers & Explanations

SAT Question PaperSAT Answer SheetSAT Answer Explanation
Paper 1Answer Sheet 1Explanation 1
Paper 3Answer Sheet 3Explanation 3
Paper 5Answer Sheet 5Explanation 5
Paper 6Answer Sheet 6Explanation 6
Paper 7Answer Sheet 7Explanation 7
Paper 8Answer Sheet 8Explanation 8
Paper 9Answer Sheet 9 Explanation 9
Paper 10Answer Sheet 10Explanation 10

*SAT practice tests 2 and 4 have been eliminated by the College Board.

In these SAT practice test downloadable PDFs, you will get an experience exactly like on the final exam day. You can print the SAT answer sheet and the question paper to give the 3-hour SAT exam in the same pattern as on the SAT test day.

Other official SAT Math practice tests you should refer to:

SAT Math Test Paper Pattern

To start your preparation for the SAT Math test, you need to have a clear idea about the Math test paper pattern. This table has all details for both the SAT Math sections.

SAT Math Test Paper Pattern 

No. of SectionsType of SAT Math Test SectionMCQsGrid-in QuestionsTotal no. of QuestionsTotal Time(in minutes)
1SAT Math Test with Calculator3083855
2SAT Math Test without Calculator1552025

The SAT Math test paper follows an ascending order pattern. This means that it starts from the easier questions first and gradually moves up to the tough ones. Also you want you can check the pattern of all section of SAT.

What’s in the SAT Math Test Syllabus?

Be it engineering, architecture or financial analysis of a top company, there are certain mathematical skills that are required in almost all the fields you choose to be part of after your graduation or post-graduation.

Keeping this thought in mind, the SAT Math test covers the following four topics of mathematical concepts.

Topics Covered in SAT Math Test Syllabus

Math TopicWhat It Tests
Heart of AlgebraAnalyze data, solve linear equations, fluency in solving problems, etc.
Problem Solving and Data AnalysisData interpretation, your quantitative knowledge and how well you are with numbers, etc.
Passport to Advanced MathSolving complex equations using reasoning skills, data interpretation, understanding the correlation between concepts, etc.
Additional Topics in MathYour knowledge in solving geometry and trigonometry problems.

Check this article SAT Maths Syllabus 2022 to know more about it.

Calculator Use on the SAT Math Test

As you now know that the SAT Math test has two sections – one where you are allowed to use a calculator to solve complex mathematical calculations and the other where you are not allowed to use a calculator. 

But don’t feel tensed for the no-calculator SAT Math test section. The reason you are not allowed to use the calculator is that the questions do not demand its need.

The questions asked in the no-calculator section are more concept-based and require you to put your skills, such as reasoning, analysis, critical thinking, etc., to good use. 

Can I Use My Phone Calculator for the SAT Math Test?

Absolutely not. Although you are allowed to use a calculator in the first section of the SAT Math test, it does not give you a free pass to use just about any other calculator. You are only permitted to use the calculator acceptable by the official College Board website.

SAT Math Test Materials – Guides and Books

To prepare for the SAT Math test, you can make your own study plan and follow a schedule that suits you best. While many students are taking practice tests online, you should also try to follow the good old traditional way of taking guidance from books. 

By studying from SAT books, your preparation gets a tangible structure and it also helps you prepare for the D-day as the SAT exam will not be taken online. 

Here is a list of some super helpful SAT Math test books you can prepare from. If you plan to buy any one or all of these books, make sure to get the latest edition of the book to gain updated information about the SAT Math test.

SAT Math Test Books

Serial no.SAT Math Test BookAuthor/PublisherUse it For
1SAT 800 Math WorkbookDr. Jang’sA clear understanding of Math concepts especially algebra and problem-solving, practice 1400+ SAT Math test questions with 10 full SAT Math practice tests + a self-diagnosis assessment test.
2500 New SAT Math ProblemsDr. Steve WarnerFinding more than one way to solve one problem, unique strategies to solve Math questions, how to explain an answer on the SAT.
3PWN the SAT Math GuideMike McClenathanLearning how to score a perfect score on the SAT Math test by a perfect-scorer himself, gain strategies to ace your test.
4SAT Math WorkbookBarron’sAnswer explanations, unique SAT practice questions for Math, strategies to solve the Math test and score well.

What does the SAT Math Test Measure?

The SAT Math test-makers know very well that you will not need all the formulas, equations or calculations you learned in school in your everyday life moving forward. And so, the SAT Math syllabus only focuses on those questions that will be useful in the real world. 

The SAT Math test assesses you on these key skills:

  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Accurate answering
  • Interpretation
  • Conceptual intelligence
  • Application of knowledge gained

Tips to Prepare for SAT Math Test 

We have formulated a few tips and tricks that you can use to give a top-class performance on your SAT Math test.

  • Set a score goal. This is one of the foundation stones of your SAT Math test prep. You should have an idea of what you are trying to achieve, only then will you feel driven and motivated to do better with each practice test you take.
  • Back to the basics. Go through all-important formulas from each chapter for a quick revision of the mathematical concepts. 
  • After each practice test, revisit your answers and check for the scope of improvement (there is always room for improvement). Try taking a note of it and incorporate your ideas in the next test.
  • Always keep a track of time. You must have seen in the table given at the start of the article that you don’t even get a minute for most of the SAT Math test questions. So each time you take a practice test, be sure to time yourself. 
  • Use a calculator only if it’s necessary. Even though there is a whole section where you are allowed to use a calculator, don’t see it as a compulsion to use it for every big or small calculation. After all, using the calculator will also take up your time. So avoid using it for the calculations that can be done mentally. This will only save you time.
  • Do rough work. Just like in school you draw a separate column on the right side to show your rough work, follow this practice on your SAT Math test as well. It will help you rectify your mistakes at every step and you won’t have to do the entire sum mentally.
  • Don’t panic. Believe in your efforts. If you ever feel low or stressed about the test, remind yourself why you are giving the SAT in the first place. It will erase all your fears and keep you going.

Will a Perfect Score on the SAT Guarantee My Admission?

Simply knowing how to play basketball does not guarantee your selection in the first-5 of the team. If that was the case, almost half of your class would have been on the basketball team. But we all know that just cannot happen. You need to bring something else to the table to rank above all other players.

Similarly, the SAT is just one of the many determining factors in selecting candidates for admission abroad. A good score on the SAT will surely increase your chances of moving up the selection ladder but will not become a sole criterion for admission.

So, what else do I need to do?

In addition to having a good GPA and SAT score, you need to start building your portfolio right from your high school years. A portfolio acts as proof of all the real-world work experience you have had in a given company or organization. With Covid-19’s scare still looming over our heads, you can start building your portfolio from your home with Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA program.

A JuniorMBA is a certified program designed for teenagers who want to kickstart their careers and gain work experience well before stepping into the real world. You will learn directly from industry experts and interact with them throughout the course of the program.

It does not just end here. You will work on a live project for brands like CultFit, PUMA, etc. and receive a certificate of completion for all the hard work you have done which you can add to your portfolio to create a strong application for studying abroad.

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Complete SAT Syllabus

Relax. You don’t have to cover any additional syllabus for the SAT. The overall SAT syllabus 2022 is mainly based on whatever you have learned in your school years (mostly high school) in the field of language and Math. 

The 3 subject areas that are covered in the SAT exam are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math

Each section of the SAT is designed in a way to examine the skills you possess and put to use to solve all the questions. For example, the SAT Math section tests your knowledge and skills gained in school which goes above and beyond just getting the answer correct.

It is also important to show how you arrive at the conclusion. That is the area where your skills are put to test in SAT.

SAT Math Test, Reading and Writing Paper Pattern 

In a nutshell, this is the pattern that you can expect on the SAT exam for all three sections.

SAT Test Pattern 2022

SectionDurationNo. of Questions
Math Test80 mins58
Evidence-based Reading and Writing65 mins52
Writing and Language35 mins44

As you can see in the above table that a lot of time is allotted to the SAT Math test part with the most number of questions. The entire SAT Math section is essentially divided into two parts with both the portions having multiple-choice questions as well as student-based response questions, more commonly called grid-in questions. 

FAQs related to SAT Maths Test Papers

How non – Mathematics students can give the SAT exam?

Just like any other student who has studied math in their +2. You don’t have to be a math genius to give the SAT Math test. You simply need to know how to solve a math problem with the right skillset. If you can gain the right mindset for it, you can sail through the math section of smoothly.

Is Maths important for the SAT exam?

Yes, it is an important part of the SAT exam and you must have your basics or foundational knowledge in mathematics strong enough to ace your overall SAT score.

You can try out our tips, list of helpful books and Callido’s assessment videos to make sure you have all the skills needed to get a good score.

Is the SAT the hardest exam in the world?

It is not the hardest, per se, but is definitely one of the most competitive exams in the world. But with the right SAT study plan, dedication and preparation, no exam in the world can be deemed as difficult.

Is there any exam like SAT which gives a designation?

Simply giving a standardized exam like the SAT does not give you a designation. The SATs are a way of evaluating your application to study abroad after the 12th. 

What happens if we pass the SAT exam?

There is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ in this exam.

If you manage to get an average score of 1000-1200 in overall then you stand a fair chance of being considered for undergraduate admission in some of the top colleges of the world.

A good score on the SAT, such as a score of 1400+, will increase your chances of admission.

What is the last date for the SAT exam registration?

Registrations for SAT exam close 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the exam. The next date of SAT exam is 12th March 2022.

So for this date, the last day of registration will be 11th February 2022.

Does the SAT exam have negative marking?

There is no negative marking in any of the sections.

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