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In just 15 hours, build and present
your own business plan!
Meluha School


In just 15 hours, build and present your own business plan.

Learn the strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision-making
skills of an entrepreneur.

It's Industry Certified!

by Groww.
Strengthen college applications.

It's Real!

Learn about brands you love.
Build your own project.

It's Time Efficient!

15 sessions, 1 hour each.
Mon – Fri for 3 weeks.

It's Fun!
Interactive classes, friendly faculty.
Make new friends.
It's Convenient!

Live, online sessions via Zoom.
Choice of batch timings.



Key Concepts Covered
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Industry Project
Industry Tool

How Meluha students will benefit

Rapid Career Exposure

Make Confident Career


Portfolio of Projects

Show The World What
You Can Do


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Get an Edge in
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Meet some of our students who are already JuniorMBAs!


Teenage twins present their business idea to 34 million viewers at TED Global. Shortlisted for Shark Tank India

JuniorMBA Alumni: Nirvair & Nirvana
School: The British School, New Delhi
Achievement Unlocked At: 13 years


Built a prototype of an Internet of Things device for elderly care. Showcased his innovation to PM Modi in April 2022

JuniorMBA Alumni: Harsh
School: Kendriya Vidyalaya, Rewa
Achievement Unlocked At: 15 years

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Awarded a scholarship by University of Otago, New Zealand

JuniorMBA Alumni: Ishita
School: DAV Public School, New Delhi
Achievement Unlocked At: 17 years

Leading Universities Recognize Clever Harvey Certifications

Curriculum Overview

Key Concepts Covered
Industry Project
Industry Tool
Poorv Gupta

Poorv Gupta

BD Somani, Mumbai

It’s been an incredible experience! I’ve been interested in marketing strategies and this program helped give direction to me.

I am certain I want to study marketing further and even do my Masters in this field!


D Sowmika

D Sowmika

Visakha Valley School, Visakhapatnam

The JuniorMBA experience was way beyond my expectations. I am amazed with the ease and creativity with which complex topics were explained.

I am actually a shy person, but this course helped me overcome my fear, boost my confidence, interact and work with new people.

Atharva Singh

Atharva Singh

City Montessori School, Lucknow

Last year of school, academic pressure, university applications and so much more! Initially I thought this course will be boring and un-interactive. But it wasn’t!

JuniorMBA gave me an opportunity to present my skills in the real world and provided an empty canvas to test my skills on!


Moira Arora

KRM Vikas Puri, New Delhi

This course makes you think like a CMO, understand their perspective and their day to day work.

There was a lot of focus on teamwork and how to analyze ads or products.

It gave me a good understanding about an MBA, and now I look forward to doing one in the future.

umika photo - simran verma-01

Umika Verma

Sacred Heart Sr. School, Chandigarh

Who’d have thought I would do such technical or professional work. Presenting in front of the judges really motivated me and helped
boost my confidence.

I didn’t consider marketing as a career option since really didn’t know much about it, but after this course I’m quite interested to.



Chitkara University, Chandigarh

I’ve learnt that marketing is very underrated!

After doing this course, I can now see that it plays an extremely important role in a business. CMOs are extremely smart and have to take so many major decisions. I did not realise how significant their jobs were!

It’s opened my eyes to a new career option.


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Rishabh Girish

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My experience at the JuniorMBA course was amazing and we learnt about so many concepts like value proposition charts, revenue streams and business models and I understood every bit of it.

Because of this course I aspire to become the CEO of a company one day and the skills that I learned in this course will help me achieve that.

Pia Maniar

13 years


The thing that made me sign up for the course was, that since a long time I’ve been saying I want to become a business woman.

But I really didn’t know how much hard work went into being one and thus I did this course and I’m glad I did!

During the final project, I felt nervous at first but now I feel great because I think my product could be a game changer in the market!

Edhita Singhal

15 years


I learned communication and presentation skills through our final pitch which will help in conferences, meetings and discussions in the future.

I also learned more about businesses and that will be useful in future projects.

I enjoyed learning about the different channels used to reach the customers along with the different types of relationships various companies establish with their consumers.

Divyasha Satapathy

16 years


It was a fabulous experience!

All through our 15 days intensive learning journey, we got an insight into many new concepts and on the final day got an opportunity to pitch in front of the leaders and industrialists of the corporate world who judged us and gave us a new vision about our start-up business.


14 years


I have learnt many business strategies and these have helped me build my self confidence.

I was amazed that I could actually make a proper business plan and an elevator pitch!




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I can apply everything I have learnt here while starting my own business, every young mind needs this sort of guidance!

I was nervous at first [during the competition] but then it went pretty smooth, and when the judges appreciated the idea (which I had actually brainstormed a lot about) it made me feel so happy!

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Pack Fee: 30,000
Pack Fee: ₹30,000
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CHIEF Financial Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the JuniorMBA opportunity unique?

Industry exposure is important for teenagers, but it is hard to secure an internship at a young age. Even if they get an internship, learning is limited because senior people are too busy to train teenagers.

This opportunity combines structured learning in industry-relevant skills along with industry exposure, resulting in every teenager working on a real company challenge with the guidance that they need.

What age group is the JuniorMBA for?

Ages 13 – 18. That’s usually 8th standard – 12th standard/first year degree college.

Who are your faculty/teachers?

All our faculty are selected based on 3 criteria:

(i) they have practical experience running their own businesses or working in MNCs
(ii) they are young and connect well with teenagers
(iii) they are highly rated by students. If their rating falls below 8/10, they can no longer take sessions

All faculty undergo rigorous training in our program and curriculum before being allowed to take sessions.

What is the validity period of the programs?

A single program is valid for 6 months.
In a 3-course pack, students can complete the programs any time in the next 12 months.
In the FutureCEO club, they can complete the programs in the next 24 months i.e. 2 years.

What certificate do I get at the end?

You will receive a joint certificate from Clever Harvey and the industry partner stating that you have completed your JuniorMBA in the particular specialisation, specifying that you have solved a company challenge.

Is the certificate recognised by universities?

The brands we have partnered with are leading global brands. The certification is immediately recognised anywhere. We also have a growing list of universities which are giving JuniorMBA students preference in their admissions process.

More importantly, the student’s experience and achievements through the project give them strong material to talk about in their essays and interviews – helping them stand out in the application process.

We have had many students get admissions into Ivy League universities and even get scholarships on the basis of their JuniorMBA projects.

What is the duration of the JuniorMBA?

Each JuniorMBA is 15 hours. This is divided into 15 sessions of 1 hour each. Sessions are conducted from Monday – Friday over 3 weeks.

What is the age group of students in a batch?

The Junior batches have students from grades 8 – 9. The Senior batches have students from 10th and above.

When are the batches?

Batches start on Mondays. Sessions run from Monday – Friday, 1 hour on each day. The exact timings and availability can be viewed at

Can I purchase now but start later? Yes, we highly recommend this as we run limited batches for each program. You can view the batches which are available at Most parents choose to pre-book their seat to avoid missing out. Your purchase has a long validity (6 months for a single program, 12 months for a 3 pack and 2 years for FutureCEO) to give you complete flexibility.

Is this an internship?

This is better than an internship! It’s hard to get internships at a young age, and company professionals don’t have the time to train young students. We bring you the best of both worlds – an actual company challenge, with structured training and guidance from our facilitators.

Will this help me get an internship?

JuniorMBA students stand out for their understanding of the business world and the projects they build, this gives them an edge when applying for internships. Having real world experience definitely strengthens the students CV!

Can I get a letter of recommendation from the companies?

When students need a LOR for internships/university admissions, we are able to provide these letters to the university/company directly. The letters are issued by Clever Harvey since we have interacted with the student most closely in the 15 day sessions.

What happens if I miss a class?

If a student has missed a few classes for any reason, we will send over recordings to help the student catch up for those sessions.

My question is not listed here, where can I find help?

Please reach out to us on +918657763002