Want to launch the next big idea?
Learn entrepreneurship and strategy.
Apply your learning to a real-world company challenge

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A JuniorCEO in Strategy

will help you answer these questions

How do I know my idea will succeed?

Data seems scary…How is it even helpful?

What does a CEO actually do?

Google is free… How does it even earn money?

What industry sector would I fit into?

JuniorCEO- Strategy Journey


in a fun and interactive way


by applying to your own idea​


by solving a company challenge


and get your industry certificate

What you will learn

Topics taught: Value proposition, market sizing, unit economics, team design, business models, data analysis for marketing and sales strategy

Designed by people who understand business | Taught by people who understand teenagers

Inspiring Student Projects

Start your own business plan

Earn industry-recognized certifications

This program is co-designed with Samsonite to teach students how sales and marketing strategies and formulated and implemented based on data.

See your child grow the skills that really matter

Skills: Improved decision making ability, financial planning and budgeting skills, strategic long-term thinking, ability to identify opportunity, understanding data

Don’t stop at a JuniorCEO. Be the CEO!

75 hours of learning + lifetime of perks for just Rs. 30,000


What should Samsonite do to boost sales for backpacks?

You get to decide!


BMW Infinity Car is re-designing the website to get more bookings.

You get to make it happen!


Renowned sports brand is looking for new social media campaigns.

You can design it!