How to become an Urban Planner


Do you want to plan cities? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could build the city of your dreams? Do you want to improve people’s lives by providing better-planned cities? This Blog will walk you through 4 simple steps on how to become an Urban Planner, as well as educational requirements and salary potential in different countries.

Who is an Urban Planner 

Urban planners are professionals who develop land-use plans and strategies to aid in the formation of communities, the accommodation of population growth, and the restructuring of physical infrastructure. They are also referred to as City Planners or Town Planners.

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How to become an Urban Planner  (4-step guide)

Step 1: Stream to select 

To become an Urban Planner take up Science Stream with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as your subjects). 

Step 2: Educational Requirements 

After completing your 12th grade, you can pursue the following courses to become an Urban Planner.

  • Course in India after 12th
B.Planning4 Years 
B.Architecture5 Years  
B.Tech Civil Engineering4 Years
  • Top Colleges for B.Planning 
College Location
School of Planning & Architecture (SPA)Bhopal 
School of Planning & Architecture (SPA)Delhi 
School of Planning & Architecture (SPA)Mysore  
Sardar Patel University Gujrat 
Amity University Noida
Chandigarh College of Architecture Chandigarh
NIMS School of Architecture and Planning Jaipur 
College of Engineering Pune 

Course abroad to become an Urban Planner after 12th

The duration degrees will last 3-4 years. 

  • Bachelor in Historic Preservation and Community Planning
  • B.S in Urban Planning 
  • BA in Urban Ecology 
  • B.S in Urban Studies 
  • B.S in Planning
  • B.S in Sustainable Built Environments & Sustainable Communities Emphasis
  • Top Colleges abroad
College Location 
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUS 
Yale University UK 
Harvard UniversityUS 
Princeton University US 
University of Michigan US 
Monash University Australia 
University of California US
University of Liverpool UK
Zurich University Switzerland 
Western Sydney University Australia 

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Step 3: Certificate Courses to become an Urban Planner

You can do these additional courses to enhance your knowledge in the field;

  • Urban Infrasture Management 
  • Smart Cities Management 
  • Site Planning 
  • Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs 
  • Public Transportation System 

Step 4: Job Preparation

  • Internship 

You can intern with an Urban Planner or an Architect to gain the necessary skills and knowledge required. It will also help you understand the nature of the job and you will be able to choose your niche for pursuing a master’s. 

  • Freelancer

You can also work as a freelancer for construction and architecture firms or builders to assist them with their upcoming projects. This will allow you to hone your skills and put your talent to use.

  • Portfolio Creation 

Get board certification to add weight to your CV, and include your internship experience and freelancing projects to build a strong portfolio. You can also take some certificate courses to broaden your knowledge.

7  Skills needed to become an Urban Planner 

  • Intrapersonal Skills 
  • Management Skills 
  • Analytical 
  • Decision-Making Skills 
  • Visualizing Skills 
  • Mathematical aptitude 
  • Empathy 

Consider exploring JuniorMBA in Entrepreneurship to help you develop analytical and decision-making skills.

Salary of an Urban Planner 

Salary in India 

An average salary of an Urban Planner in India is ₹6 lakhs per annum.

Salary Abroad 

Country Average Salary 
Canada $63089

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Top Recruiters in India

  1. Central Government 
  2. State Government
  3. Tata Consulting Engineers 
  4. Aarvee Associates 
  5. BSCPL Infrastructure
  6. National Institution for Transforming India 
  7. CIDCO Ltd 
  8. Mumbai Port Trust 
  10. Directorate of Urban Land Transport

Top Recruiters Abroad 

  1. Federal Government 
  2. State Government 
  3. AECOM
  4. Jacobs 
  5. US Navy 
  6. Stantec
  7. WSP
  8. WGI
  9. Rincon Consultants 
  10. Arup

This is an excellent career path for someone who wants to make their community a better place to live. Best wishes on your journey to becoming an Urban Planner if you want to make a difference.

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FAQs about how to become an Urban Planner

How I become an urban planner?

First, complete your 12th from Science Stream with PCM and then pursue a 4 years bachelor in planning degree then you can pursue a master’s program in the same to become an Urban Planner.

Is it hard to become an urban planner?

It does require some determination and dedication to complete your postgraduation in planning to become an urban planner.

What major is best for urban planning?

The best degree would be Bachelor in Planning or Bachelor in Architecture.

Can you get into urban planning without a degree?

You can enter the career if you have a degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, or Environment Engineering but not without any degree.

Is urban planner a good career?

Urban planning is a unique career with a rewarding salary and a balanced life.

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