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The Explorer Pack is here to provide them with an exciting journey towards self-discovery and a head start in their future endeavors.

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Amena Yasmeen

Amena Yasmeen

Narayana Junior College, Hyderabad


I was able to learn new things and accept all challenges with newer perspectives on things that once seemed so complex.

We examined different case studies of on the functioning of the market giants and it made me confident to cooperate, collaborate and compete.

Amogh Bhat

Amogh Bhat

Patkar Varde College


My sister recommended this course and she said it was helpful so I decided to do this course. I was a bit worried as I was not interested in technology.

But after doing this course I started liking technology and realized how important it is for us all to understand tech in today’s world.


Chhavi Katyal

Heritage Xperiential Learning school, Gurgaon


I feel that this course has taught me to look beyond the fact that “CODING” is only technology. BECAUSE IT IS NOT.

Coding is not the only aspect of tech. The biggest part is how to apply technology to create new solutions. This course gave me a whole new perspective.

Abhijit Kaur

Abhijit Kaur

15 years


I got a chance to learn about some amazing technologies out there in the world which I had no idea about whatsoever.

The classes were interactive and all the concepts were taught in a fun and interesting way!

Most importantly I have understood about the role of a CTO and about all the work they do…this will definitely help me out while deciding my future career!


Palaash Jadav

Children's Academy, Mumbai


I got a chance to collaborate and work together in a team where people came from different parts of the country and had different ideas for the final project. 

 I am very proud of the innovation we designed. Because of this program, I have learnt team spirit and enhanced my public speaking skills which will help me in college, jobs and career.

Aryan Rai

Aryan Rai

The Kalyani School


I learnt about the role of CTO, their main roles in startups and even in larger corporations. There’s so much more along the lines of using AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Algorithm development, et cetera.

I enjoyed the interactions with the CTO during our presentation and the formulation of ideas. I feel like me and my partner did great and collaborated effortlessly.

The project was amazing and I want to continue this idea into the future.

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