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Explorer Pack

30 sessions | 1 hour each | ₹15000

Get first-hand experience of different fields. 10-hour program to explore the fundamentals of each field. Design your own original project. Choose any 3.

What makes some businesses super-successful while others fail

In 10 days, learn to lead and strategize like business leader

Design and Pitch your own Business Plan!

Key topics

Value proposition, market sizing, unit economics, business planning, revenue models and building a pitch deck

Case Studies

Amazon , Google, Spotify, Apple, Tesla, Uber, Airbnb, Disney

How can non-coders use technology to their advantage?

In 10 days, learn to solve business problems through the application of technology.

Design and Pitch your own Tech Product!

Key topics

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Machine Learning, 3-D Printing

Case Studies

Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Swiggy

What makes some products more attractive than others?

In 10 days, learn the strategic communication & influence of a marketing whiz.

Design and Pitch your own Ad Campaign!

Key topics

Marketing segmentation, Product positioning, Invisible marketing, Brand communication.

Case Studies

Apple, Amazon, Zomato, Cadbury, McDonalds, Mercedes, Coke

What goes into designing an iconic building?

In 10 days, learn mind blowing concepts famous architects use to design & conceptualize their buildings.

Create & Present your own Master Design.

Key topics

Psychology of space, Concept development, Understanding building sites, Sustainability, Designing for everyone

Case Studies

Walt Disney Concert Hall LA, Sydney Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral, White House

What makes games the fastest growing industry today?

In 10 days, discover the secrets of the world of games design.

Design and Pitch your own excellent Game Idea!

Key topics

Concept development, Designing compelling Mechanics and Obstacles, Creating atmosphere, Designing for emotion.

Case Studies

Super Mario, Portal, Baba is you, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Journey

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through case studies of Fortune 500 companies


to real world challenges 


your own Original Projects


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Skills: Improved decision making ability, financial planning and budgeting skills, strategic long-term thinking, ability to identify opportunity, understanding data

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