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The Best Colleges Admit 1 in 20

What are they looking for?

Strong Academics

i.e your grades & SAT scores


Stand Out Factor

in your profile

Most students struggle with showcasing their Stand Out Factor

Clever Harvey makes this Easy

How you can stand out

Catapult helps you with overseas admissions

in just 4 easy steps

Goal Setting

Your interests, hopes, goals and constraints are all unique to you.

We will uncover what makes you tick and plot out your unique trajectory, defining your step-by-step roadmap to build it out!

We create a personalised brand website to bring out your aspirations and achievements.

Branding you

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Catapult helps you with overseas admissions in just 4 easy steps

Branding You & Guiding You

You are a catch!

Universities are interested in your unique story – but as a teenager, it’s hard to know what is your unique story. There are so many options, interests and possibilities.

Our mentors will design a personalized roadmap for you through counselling sessions which uncover:

– your interests, passions and prior experience
– your ideal list of universities based on your career aspirations.
– multiple educational and career paths ahead in your chosen field
– what makes you tick and your constraints

All of this results in a roadmap with concrete goals and timelines to ensure you have a defined interest and strong profile for college applications.

This process usually takes between 1 – 3 weeks.

Profile Building: Level 1

Industry Certification

Work on real-life projects for global brands


Use your skills to unlock stand out achievements.

Examples include seed money from the E-Cell, IIT Business Challenges, your packaging design used for an actual product, and more.

Profile Building: Level 2

Level 1 profile building puts you in the top 50% of students.

Level 2 takes you to the top 10%.

4 Incubators

Industry Internships

Grants & Award Nominations

Our incubators are designed to make outstanding achievements like securing internships, launching your own business, winning grants etc easy with step by step support and guidance.

Math, English and Writing

SAT scores are very important in the college admissions process.

We’ve got you covered with specialized training (online and physical coaching available in select cities), doubt resolution and focused improvement to open the doors to your dream universities.

Need to prepare for IELTS/TOEFL? We’ve got that covered as well.

College Selection

Identifying universities you apply to requires strategy and experience for ensuring the best possible outcome.

We work with you to identify the colleges where you would flourish, and prepare your list of ‘dream’, ‘target’ and ‘safety’ colleges.

Essay Guidance

Admissions officers receive 1000s of essays – what will make yours stand out?

Our team helps you craft your essay to be eye-catching and tell your story in a compelling manner.

Letters of Recommendation

Everyone gets a recommendation from their teacher; but you can get an industry letter of recommendation based on your work on industry projects.

Scholarship Application

Overseas education is expensive. We also work with you on financial aid and scholarship applications to give you the best chance of securing monetary assistance.

Catapult helps you with overseas admissions in just 4 easy steps

The Catapult Advantage!

Top 30 Guarantee

Get admitted into one of the top 30 universities in your selected country.

After our team does an evaluation, you may be eligible for a Top 30 or Top 50 Universities Guarantee.

Top 30 = SAT > 1450
Top 50 = SAT > 1350


  • You have taken the entire catapult package.
  •  You follow our suggested profile path.
  • Follow our essay guidance.
  • You start your journey with us before 30th Sept of your 11th grade.

Time Saver

You don’t have time for trial and error. Let’s set the direction and a focused roadmap to achieving your goal.

One Stop Shop

We know you inside out and this means we can help you from goal setting to applications strategy and
Letters of Recommendation in a cohesive manner.

Stand Out Factor

A stand out profile can overcome weaker academic and SAT scores.
We specialize in building a stand out factor to catapult you to the best possible university.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Global Perspective: Studying abroad broadens your horizons, exposing you to different cultures and viewpoints. This global perspective is invaluable in an increasingly interconnected world.

  2. Quality Education: Many countries offer world-class education, often with cutting-edge research and teaching methods that can significantly enhance your academic experience.

  3. Diverse Course Offerings: International universities provide a vast array of courses and specializations, allowing you to explore your interests and passions to the fullest.

  4. Cultural Enrichment: Immersing yourself in a new culture can be a life-changing experience. It helps you develop intercultural skills, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of the world.

  5. Career Opportunities: A degree from a foreign university can open doors to global job opportunities and international networks, boosting your career prospects.

  6. Personal Growth: Living abroad fosters personal growth, independence, and resilience, which are qualities highly valued by employers.

  7. Language Proficiency: Learning or mastering a new language can be a valuable asset, both academically and professionally.

  8. Exposure to Different Teaching Styles: Experiencing different teaching methods can enhance your learning and problem-solving skills, making you a more adaptable student.

  9. Cultural Exchange: Building friendships with people from all over the world fosters cultural exchange and a broader understanding of global issues.

  10. Networking: Studying abroad allows you to build an international network that can prove invaluable throughout your life and career.

An end-to-end college admissions program, developed by Ivy League alumni to guide you in a step-by-step way towards outstanding college admissions outcome.

Yes. We will help you with applying for scholarships and financial aid