10 Best Careers in Human Resources – Salaries, Responsibilities, and Required Skills


Careers in human resources are the most rewarding job roles in business. This satisfaction is because they get to handle vital duties in a corporate structure, namely managing the staff. The workforce is a company’s lifeblood, and it is this workforce that will determine the company’s entire future.

Because of this, human resource management careers are essential, leading to the emergence of an HR job. Recruiting, mentorship, training, management, and farewell are just a few stages in which an HR department plays a significant role.

These duties are another reason there are many prospects for careers in human resources in the corporate world. There are many job roles, opportunities, and speciality choices in this field of work.

Today, we will examine a few chances, focusing on different careers in human resources, their duties, and average salaries. So, if you’re considering making the next significant step in your human resource career, here are some possibilities you can explore.

10 Best Careers in Human Resources - Salaries, Responsibilities, and Required Skills
Best Careers in Human Resources

10 Best Careers in Human Resources

1. Human Resource Executive

Best suited to: People looking to start working in the field.

Why it is a good role: Provides experience and an opportunity to grow in human resource management careers.

Job Responsibilities: For the human resources department of a corporation, human resources coordinators perform various administrative tasks. They collaborate with human resource managers to oversee hiring, onboarding, training, and employee records. 

Human resource executives generate department activity reports, administer payroll, and evaluate employee performance. They also manage HR activities, schedule meetings, organise interviews, and mediate disputes. Another required task for them is to conduct research and keep up with current human resource trends and best practises as part of their profession.

Average Salary: ₹18,000 per month

2. Recruitment Coordinator

Best suited to: People who want to network with high-ranking professionals.

Why is it a good role: One of the most satisfying careers in human resources because you help people find new jobs.

Job Responsibilities: Many businesses charge recruitment coordinators with locating competent applicants for open positions. In order to find job openings and create job descriptions, the recruitment coordinator typically collaborates with human resource executives.

Recruitment coordinators find applicants through job postings, databases, online job boards, social media platforms, and business networking websites. They conduct candidate screening, arrange and support job interviews, and provide management with reports on the hiring process.

Average Salary: ₹17,500 per month

3. Human Resource Consultant

Best suited to: People focused on monetary gains instead of growth in human resource management careers.

Why is it a good role: A role where you get to work on your schedule and make plenty of money.

Job Responsibilities: Companies nowadays are more complex than ever before. Departments of human resources are not an exception. A human resources department may occasionally require an outside viewpoint to resolve a dilemma. At this point, they seek counsel and direction from a human resources consultant.

Companies pay hourly to human resource consultants to supply them with much-needed services. These professionals specialise in one or more areas, such as workplace harassment, labour laws, employee recruitment, retention, pay and benefits, employee incentives, and reward programmes. They may also focus on company culture after mergers and acquisitions, employee motivation, and employee retention. 

A human resources department may hire a human resources consultant to handle some of its tasks. Consultants in human resources evaluate a company’s existing state and make comprehensive recommendations. This role is one of the careers in human resource management where you get to choose your clients and dictate what you want to charge.

Average Salary: ₹75,000 per month

4. International Human Resources

Best suited to: People who like to travel for their work.

Why is it a good role: You get the opportunity to travel to countries you have never visited before.

Job Responsibilities: The responsibilities of this human resource role are similar to those of careers in human resources locally. The primary distinction is that you will work in various places throughout the globe. Among these responsibilities are:

• Finding candidates for employment at locations where the organisation has offices globally.

• Putting training and expert staff development standards into practise across a transnational company.

• Putting salary and benefit programmes into effect following local legislation where the organisation has offices.

• Giving the global organisation advice on regional labour laws and employee rights.

Average Salary: ₹45,000

10 Best Careers in Human Resources - Salaries, Responsibilities, and Required Skills
Best Careers in Human Resources – International Human Resources

5. Training and Development

Best suited to: People who have a passion for teaching.

Why is it a good role: You get to teach and set standards for human resource management careers.

Job Responsibilities: Training and development professionals assist staff in enhancing their skills and careers in human resources. They conduct conferences, workshops, continuing education programmes, and other events to achieve this. 

Training and development exercises can create relevant coursework that companies want to stress to their staff. Other tasks they perform include:

• Evaluating employees’ training requirements.

• Examining training materials obtained from external vendors.

• Supervising other teachers while teaching,

• Adapting training initiatives to corporate standards in effect today.

If you enjoy speaking in front of others and assisting them in developing new abilities that will enhance their professional chances, this is a human resource career for you.

6. Labour Relations

Best suited to: For people who want to be part of a social cause while getting experience in human resource management careers.

Why is it a good role: It can be satisfying to fight for and promote employees’ rights.

Job Responsibilities: If you enjoy contract negotiations and achieving the best possible deal for the workers, becoming a labour relations manager is one of the best careers in human resources. On behalf of a labour organisation that stands up for the workers, these managers mediate disputes between the parties. 

When management and a labour union are at odds, the manager assists both parties in reaching a compromise on matters like pay, pensions, health benefits, the working environment, and management procedures. Additional tasks a labour relations manager may have include:

• Producing draft versions of recommendations for laws and regulations governing collective bargaining agreements.

• Holding conferences and serving as a conduit for communication between management and labour.

• Providing guidance and instruction to management regarding labour relations, complaints, and disciplinary measures.

• Ensuring that labour agreements are adhered to in human resource policy.

You will require strong decision-making, listening, communication, and interpersonal skills for this particular job role. Having an eye for detail is also vital when dealing with labour rules.

Average Salary: ₹37,000 per month

7. Human Resources Analytics Specialist

Best suited to: People who like to deal with data.

Why is it a good role: You get to keep up with industry standards in human resource management careers.

Job Responsibilities: Every time a business brings on a new employee, there are expenses and advantages. Being a human resource analytics specialist is for you if you are curious about how much hiring, training, and promoting people costs. The human resources department uses the data that HR analytics experts supply. Human resource analytics specialists’ responsibilities are to:

• Investigating revenue produced per employee.

• Contributing to the development of a company’s talent acquisition plan.

• Tracking training costs and effectiveness.

• Monitoring recruitment and employment conditions to reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover.

• Making suggestions to managers of human resources.

As a human resource analytics specialist, you’ll need strong analytical, business, critical thinking, and communication abilities.

Average Salary: ₹42,000 per month

8. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Best suited to: People who like to deal with money.

Why is it a good role: You will know an important fact about everybody working in your company, their salaries.

Job Responsibilities: Setting up a pay and benefits structure for employees is your duty as the compensation and benefits manager. Other obligations include:

• Monitoring the payment of benefits and compensation.

• Deciding upon and collaborating with insurance providers, investment managers, and other benefit partners.

• Giving staff information on compensation and perks.

• Keeping an eye on the wages and benefits that rival companies provide their staff

As you create salary and benefits packages and manage staff activities, you will require excellent leadership abilities.

Average Salary: ₹45,000 per month

9. HR Entrepreneur

Best suited to: People who want to own businesses in human resource management careers.

Why is it a good role: You will be your own boss and have your own business.

Job Responsibilities: Anything and everything your company will require. It may not only involve the duties of a human resource professional, but of every other business function.

These people are sometimes referred to as “headhunters” in this context. These are freelance recruiters who supply workers to various businesses. However, they offer more than just recruiting. They may also engage in employee leasing, which entails lending employees for a set period.

These people can open a business and begin providing their services to different clients for a price.

Average Salary: N/A

10. Non-Profit Human Resource Expert

Best suited for: People interested in charity work while gaining experience in human resource management careers

Why is it a good role: You get the gratification of helping the world while still exploring careers in human resources.

Job responsibilities: A non-profit human resource expert might work in the non-profit industry, as the name would imply. These personnel perform all duties, including hiring and managing, but inside a non-profit setting.

Average Salary: ₹15,000 per month

Remember that the salaries listed below are simply estimations for human resource management careers. Salary and compensation for HR positions vary depending on the business, industry, geographic region, level of education, and prior work experience.

Vital Skills for Careers in Human Resources

The following are some abilities that potential human resource employers look for in applicants and which could be useful to you in various human resources management careers:

Communication: Excellent written, conversational, and listening skills are necessary for success in a job in human resources because the task frequently requires communication with a wide variety of people from various professional levels.

People skills: It is important to have strong interpersonal skills and an empathic mindset to understand people and get along with everyone, since human resource employment involves conversing and haggling with a variety of people.

Leadership qualities: Human resource professionals that possess strong leadership qualities can take responsibility for their work and move up to senior HR positions to lead, coach, manage, and inspire human resource teams.

Problem-solving: To handle workplace difficulties, settle disputes, and bargain with unions, human resource practitioners need to have strong problem-solving abilities.

Decisiveness: HR professionals must be able to act decisively based on accurate information and make difficult decisions related to their jobs.

Organisation: HR professionals can benefit from being well-organised in their work because they frequently handle several duties at once.

Management: Effective HR professionals have the ability to comprehend the company’s position in the industry and excel in their positions.

Finance expertise: Since HR professionals make decisions about employee remuneration, handle payroll, and create and manage budgets, they need to have a thorough grasp of financial issues.

Pursuing the Best Careers in Human Resources

Rightfully so, one of the most sought-after careers today is in human resources. You can accept the duty to educate yourself, the chance to develop your leadership skills, and the power to lead a business to success. In other words, it possesses all the requirements for a fulfilling career.

Additionally, the title of human resources seems more appealing than ever after considering the outstanding job options described above! The demand for human resource specialists has increased significantly over time due to such factors. Additionally, the demand for human resource management careers will always be there as long as there are businesses in the world.

Careers in human resources are very solid in this aspect. To succeed in this job route, you should put in a lot of effort and thoughtfully plan your next step. In order to do this, we sincerely hope that this blog has given you some insight into how you might advance in careers in human resources.

FAQs related to Careers in Human Resources

Is HR a good career option?

ensuring businesses run efficiently. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that by 2030, the HR sector would experience an increase of 70,000 jobs.

Can HR become CEO?

In actuality, they receive training to become CEOs since they collaborate closely with their CEOs on a range of work-related difficulties, and effective HR specialists aid CEO success by assisting in the resolution of numerous problems.

Are HR jobs in demand?

The HR industry has outpaced software development (93.8 percent) in terms of growth since February 2020, making it one of the most in-demand professions in the nation. A large number of jobs. And I’ve seen this development firsthand.

Which industry pays HR the most?

The leading sector for hiring human resources managers is management businesses.

What will HR look like in 2025?

By 2025, HR specialists will become champion coaches, guiding organisations through anticipated changes and playing a crucial role in HR strategy and planning. Additionally, HR divisions would be more adaptable, leading to quicker decision-making through increased communication.

What should HR focus on in 2022?

Refocus hiring on the potential of the workforce. Increase your internal talent market to increase internal mobility. For the digital economy, change your “build, buy, or borrow” approach. Encourage the development of HR technology to develop people, culture, and productivity accelerators.

Is HR difficult to study?

Human resource management degrees can be challenging for students in terms of regulations and policies, but if you are prepared and have good study habits, you won’t find studying HRM to be as challenging as studying other business disciplines.

What is the role of human resource management?

The practise of recruiting, hiring, assigning, and managing employees of a company or organisation. It involved training them and strategising how to retain them and help them grow within the company.

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