10 Careers in Advertising with the Best Future Scope


Have you ever had a jingle or tagline for a product stuck in your head during class and thought you could do better?

If so, you might want to start looking at careers in advertising.

We get exposed to ads on TV, social media, radio, and billboards every day. Companies will always utilise ads to promote their products and services. Hence, a career in advertising will always be a viable option for students after class 12 to pursue.

Advertising careers can be technical or creative, depending on the specific job roles and responsibilities. The goals of these various roles could be to increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, or engage with customers to stay on top of their minds. Because advertising uses several outlets, there are numerous career options in advertising that are available.

In this blog, we will explore 10 career options in advertising & marketing with the best future scope and the expectations for these careers.

10 Careers in Advertising with the Best Future Scope
Careers in Advertising with the Best Future Scope

Types of Careers in Advertising

Advertising and marketing has many dimensions to it and requires different set of skills like creativity, technical, communication and so on.

Depending on this, careers in marketing & advertising can be bucketed in to 4 main categories, mentioned below.

#1 Creative Advertising

This advertising career involves developing visuals for social media and different communication channels. These can be online and offline channels that can creatively communicate with a mass audience. This category of advertisers must have strong communication and creative skills and the ability to pay attention to small details.

Writing ads, creating visuals, and developing content are some of the responsibilities for professionals associated with these careers. Below is a list of job roles you can explore in creative advertising.

Copywriter/Content WriterEditorial PhotographerGraphic Designer
Web DesignerPrint Traffic CoordinatorProduction Artist
Copy EditorProducerArt Director
Careers in Advertising – Creative Advertising

#2 Advertising Management

In case you are a big picture person, a management career in advertising may be more suitable for you. Professionals in this field of work will oversee ad campaigns, advertising budgets, performance metrics, and the team. Having people skills is vital here because you will be communicating with your team and the company clients too.

However, this is not likely to be your first job. Most people will start as marketing executives and grow into management roles. Here are a few job roles you could grow into for advertising management.

Account DirectorAccount ManagerAdvertising Campaign Manager
Advertising Sales DirectorAdvertising Traffic ManagerCreative Director
Events ManagerMedia Account ManagerBroadcast Account Manager
Careers in Advertising – Management Advertising

#3 Marketing

Beginning your career in a marketing role is a great way to get into advertising specifically. Marketing executives help create ads and perform other administrative tasks such as market research and analysing consumer data. Good creativity, critical thinking, and research skills will be required to excel in the job roles mentioned below.

Advertising ExecutiveAdvertising BuyerAccount Executive
Marketing ExecutiveDigital Marketing ExecutiveContent Marketer
Market ResearcherWeb Analytics ConsultantWeb Designer
Careers in Advertising – Marketing

#4 Sales

Advertising careers can have sales roles too. Marketing agencies, magazine publishers, and media channels need to sell their ad space to other companies. Sales representatives in the marketing field are responsible for selling advertising campaigns, bringing in clients, and presenting sales pitches.

Presentation, communication, and negotiation skills are a must for any sales representative. Because the advertising market is very competitive, these skills must be even more prominent. Check out some of the job roles you can get into if you are interested in this type of advertising career.

Sales PlannerSales RepresentativePublic Relations Specialist
Account SpecialistSales ManagerBusiness Development Manager
Account CoordinatorSales StrategistAccount Manager
Careers in Advertising – Sales

10 Career Options in Advertising with the Best Future [Job Roles]

Advertising job roles in any of the previously mentioned categories of advertising careers can be lucrative. However, some may provide a bigger scope for growth and pay better than other roles. Your skills, qualifications, and interests will factor into your decision of which career in advertising would suit you best.

Here is a list of specific job roles with the best outlook you can pursue if you are interested in a career in advertising.

1. Social Media Coordinator

Scope: Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives. People stay connected with global news, entertainment, and their favourite brands, all through social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. This form of communication will be around for a long time, and companies will need employees that understand the intricacies of such platforms.

Key Responsibilities: Social media coordinators will be in charge of strategising and communicating a brand’s content across all social media platforms. Ensuring the content created is in line with the brand’s image and is relatable to its target audience is their focus. They must coordinate between copywriters/content writers and graphic designers to create social media posts that people would be interested in viewing.

They must plan all social media activities and pay attention to trending topics to capitalise on opportunities to go viral. New social media platforms are introduced often, so staying up to date on these platforms also falls under their job description.

Average Starting Salary: ₹3 – ₹3.7 lacs per annum

2. Event Planner

Scope: This career in advertising has a lot of scope for growth because the market tends to be recession-proof. There is no shortage of companies wanting to promote their brand, products, or services in creative ways. One of the best ways for them to engage with their audience is to host events.

Key Responsibilities: Event planners will conceptualise and manage every aspect of the event. Scouting locations, negotiating with vendors, overseeing decorations, and bringing in a crowd through their communications are some of the key responsibilities for a person wanting to pursue this advertising career.

Average Starting Salary: ₹3.8 – ₹4.0 lacs per annum

3. Graphic Designer

Scope: Almost every company will need the services of a graphic designer to create aesthetically pleasing visuals for their communications. Flyers, logos, social media posts, and banners are a few advertising collateral organisations require. The demand for a graphic designer will always be constant.

Key Responsibilities: Graphic designers will create visual communications that achieve the advertising goal for the brands. They must pay attention to the design guidelines while using elements that can catch the audience’s attention. They need to be experts in various editing software such as Photoshop, Coral Draw, or Pixlr.

Average Starting Salary: ₹3.0 – ₹3.3 lacs per annum

Check more about Graphic Designer Scope in India

4. Web Designer

Scope: Another career in advertising that can have high growth. If a web designer is great at creating websites and web pages, there is no shortage of companies that will require their services. Sure, there may be platforms out there that can help an inexperienced web designer create web pages, but the artistic, analytical, and coding skills of a web designer are still highly valued.

Key Responsibilities: A typical day in a web designer’s life will include designing web pages, writing code to develop a web page, and fixing any functional errors that may pop up on websites. The websites they create must look good and be user-friendly while keeping the brand’s identity. Their goal is to ensure that the pages they create have brand value, increase web traffic, and can generate new customers for the company.

Web designers need to be familiar with different coding languages and principles of design.

Average Starting Salary: ₹2.4 – ₹2.8 lacs per annum

5. Marketing Coordinator

Scope: This job role is a great way to start a career in advertising. It will allow you to branch out into many different marketing-related jobs. The marketing field will always require experts to promote businesses and social causes.

Key Responsibilities: As a marketing coordinator, you will be involved in all marketing activities. Having input on the big picture, such as marketing campaigns and strategies, will require critical thinking and creative skills. While attention to detail and research skills will come into play when designing packaging or conducting market research.

Marketing coordinators will notice trending activities and new tools available in the market, and collect feedback on campaigns or events.

Average Starting Salary: ₹3.5 – ₹3.8 lacs per annum

6. Market Researcher

Scope: This tends to be a desk job, but because a market researcher will have the best understanding of the consumer market, they can have a fast track into a management role in an advertising career.

Key Responsibilities: Professionals in this field are essential in assisting businesses in identifying their target market, the best way to sell their goods and services, and the most profitable market trends. To inform a company’s marketing strategy, they use a variety of strategies for gathering data on customers, competitors, and trends. Analysts in market research employ data-driven insights to uncover potential business possibilities.

Average Starting Salary: ₹4.2 – ₹4.6 lacs per annum

7. Copywriter/Content Writer

Scope: This job role is becoming increasingly important in all industries. Brands want to have a distinct personality when promoting their products or engaging with their target market. The language they use in all their advertisements and promotions must be creative. Hence, they will be enthusiastic to hire and keep talented copywriters and content writers.

Key Responsibilities: Copywriters and content writers are frequently employed by advertising firms to provide written material for the promotion and sale of various products and services. Short and long-format writing can be used for slogans, product descriptions, and promotional communications. 

Writers will have to translate the ideas of their clients into compelling and creative communications that adhere to the tone and messaging requirements of a brand. They are increasingly creating content for websites, blogs, social media platforms, and other digital channels used by businesses.

Average Starting Salary: ₹3.0 – ₹3.5 lacs per annum

8. Advertising Account Executive

Scope: Starting in a job role-specific to a career in advertising is the best way to grow to upper management advertising roles. Advertising account executives can also seek further career development in business or client management roles.

Key responsibilities: Advertising account executives are the connection between clients and the creative teams at advertising agencies. They are responsible for bringing in business and dealing with the clients. Account executives understand the client’s needs and relay accurate information so their team can create an appropriate marketing campaign.

Communication, presentation, and people skills are very important for this particular job role.

Average Starting Salary: ₹2.8 – ₹3.3 lacs per annum

9. Production Executive

Scope: This role deals with assisting in photo shoots and video ads. Gaining experience in this field can help you break into several different industries, including Bollywood!

Key Responsibilities: Production assistants support the production of advertising campaigns. Some tasks they will be involved in include scheduling shoots, finding props, creating sets, and networking with vendors.

You will definitely learn some management and negotiation skills by taking on this job role.

Average Starting Salary: ₹4.2 – ₹4.7 lacs per annum

10. Digital Marketing Executive

Scope: Digital marketing has been and will continue to be a growing industry. People search for companies and be exposed to a brand’s ad online. The expertise of a digital marketing specialist is essential for any brand to be seen online, making this a lucrative career in advertising.

Key Responsibilities: A digital marketing executive is in charge of creating and executing plans to advertise the goods of a business or brand online. To effectively reach their customers, they handle a variety of channels, including social media, Google Ads, website content, and email marketing. They also manage SEO activities to make sure a brand has high visibility online.

Average Starting Salary: ₹2.8 – ₹3.3 lacs per annum

Find A Career In Advertising For You

You must decide what kind of advertising career you desire before starting a job application. There are many advertising jobs mentioned above accessible to you if you are interested in a career in advertising.

Knowing what you are interested in and the daily tasks you would enjoy doing will help you determine the right career path in advertising. Do you tend to favour the creative aspects of marketing or are you more interested in its analytical side? Both are crucial to marketing, but their respective roles will vary.

One way you can gain some career clarity is by applying for Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA program in advertising, digital marketing, or branding. You will get the opportunity to work with reputable brands like Domino’s, Puma, and Kellogg’s and get insight into the actual responsibilities of these careers in advertising.

FAQ’s related to career options in advertising

Is advertising a good career?

This is an area with a high potential revenue for numerous professions and one that demands skilled individuals that appreciate having an impact on overall branding efforts. For many people, it’s a good professional path due to this mix.

What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?

Marketing is essentially the act of figuring out how to effectively satisfy clients’ wants after having identified those needs. Advertising, in contrast, is the practise of marketing a business and its goods or services through paid means. In other words, marketing includes advertising as a part of it.

Is advertising a growing industry?

The cost of advertising has been continuously rising until 2020, when the coronavirus shut down many industries. Fortunately, the market had strong growth in 2021 and is anticipated to keep up this trend and reach one trillion dollars in 2026.

How big is India’s advertising industry?

The Indian advertising market was estimated to be worth around 564 billion Indian rupees in 2020, and by 2022, it was expected to grow to up to 700 billion rupees. In the period under consideration, the industry had developed at a pace of 11.59 percent, and in the years to come, fast digitalisation would likely fuel further expansion in the sector.

Is digital marketing and advertising the same?

While digital marketing builds the brand, digital advertising raises brand recognition. Digital advertising is used to increase brand awareness or revenue. A promotional communication intended to sell a product is the definition of advertising. Digital advertising is more focused on driving traffic, though.

Is it hard to get a job in advertising?

A job in the modern ad industry is as difficult to secure as a major account due to the intense competition in the industry and the dearth of open opportunities. Even internships are difficult to obtain, and that path is not particularly obscure.

How can I join the advertising industry in India?

After class 12, look for degrees in marketing and intern with companies during your studies. This will help you create a network and land a starter job in advertising.

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