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Exploration is the mother of freedom. Freedom is the mother of happiness and happiness is the goal of life! But what then is the source of happiness? Well, a perfect career! 😊 

How it’s defined?

A career that is an excellent combination of personal, professional, social and financial success is termed as a perfect career. When a child is able to find his/her perfect career all other ingredients required to live a happy life will follow. 

How it’s made?

In a world where nothing is perfect when a child finds a proper combination of passion, skill-set and degree that blend well, a perfect career is designed. To fulfil this search parents and students often opt for career guidance. But, is this the right way of deciding on a career that has the potential to impact one’s entire life? Or can there be some unconventional way out? We have tried to address these questions below here.

How it’s found?

Opting for a career consultant’s service is the most common and conventional way used to choose career paths. It is a common belief that career assessment test provides a way forward and thus one can see the market flooded with online aptitude tests, online counselling options and whatnot. Be it online or offline, a psychometric assessment test, also known as a general aptitude test is conducted. This test aims at analysing the cognitive (mental) ability and personality of a child. Based on the assessment generated using AI a career option is suggested.

How’s the result?

After spending many hours and a tens-of-couple of thousand rupees a general aptitude result of the child’s likes, dislikes, abilities and interests are presented to the parents. Usually, parents are aware of that since more than a decade before that day. The result works more like reassurance of what the kid is capable of, it in no way highlights whether the child will like what he/she will encounter in that career option. This is a huge and important difference. For example All females are naturally good at managing toddlers but, that doesn’t mean they all should choose to be babysitters as a career option. 😉

How’s it relevant?

Career counselling no doubt has got its own value, in choosing right kind of side-courses, admission guidance, college and university-related detailed information etc. The right objective of career counselling should never be about what to opt for as a career, it should only be about ‘how’ to opt for the career of your choice.

How’s the impact?

More and more people are choosing to switch their careers to pursue their passion or calling. The original choice they had made during their academic endeavour fails to satisfy their desire of living a fulfilling life. Such statistics clearly indicate that the methods they used at the time of picking a career were not sound. Living with a wrong career, one would eventually end up not having one, and it would also lead to a down-fall in all other aspects of life.

How to choose?

EXPLORATION is the answer! The solution is very unconventional but it is effective. If a child from a younger age is exposed to various professions, job options and skill development. The right career will naturally show up. Keeping this in mind we have taken this initiative of junior MBA. Our program gives access to the exotic ingredients of ‘experience’ for designing a good career for any child. 


Take the path less travelled and choose to learn from exploration and participation from a tender age of the teens. Having a wholesome experience where various skills are honed is a sure-shot way to self-analysis. A whole world of practical professional experience opens up, ones a child chooses to explore. Thus, exploration is the real career counselling that actually works. Clever Harvey JuniorMBA gives you that much-needed opportunity.
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Introducing Clever Harvey College Catapult - Get in to your Dream College.