Are you the type of person who excels at data, graphs, relationships, and mathematical equations? Are you interested in learning to communicate with machines rather than humans, that is, machine language and programming? If this is the case, you are almost certainly looking for a job in the rapidly expanding field of data science.

Read on to learn about the career as a data scientist, how to become one, what to study, where to work, and much more.

What does a Data Scientist do?

A data scientist is a specialist who gathers massive data sets using analytical, statistical, and programming skills. They create data-driven solutions that are specifically adapted to an organization’s requirements.

Their other responsibilities are: 

  • Find helpful data sources and automate the processes for gathering it
  • Preprocess data, both organized and unstructured.
  • Analyze a lot of data to look for patterns and trends
  • Create machine learning algorithms and predictive models.
  • By using ensemble modeling, combine models.
  • Using data visualization approaches to present information.
  • Bring up strategies and solutions for corporate problems.
  • Work together with the product development and engineering teams.

Job roles as Data Scientist

Different job titles of Data scientists are:

  • Data Analyst: A data analyst examines data to find significant customer insights and potential uses for the information. They also advise the company’s management and other stakeholders of this information.
  • Database Administrator: A database administrator is the information technician responsible for organizing, carrying out, and monitoring all procedures necessary to successfully maintain a database environment (DBA). A DBA makes ensuring that a business’ databases and associated software perform properly and effectively.
  • Data Modeler: Systems analysts known as data modelers are at the forefront of data management initiatives that support corporate data structures. They collaborate with data architects and database managers to create computer databases.
  • Data Engineer: Data engineers create systems that gather, handle, and transform unprocessed data into information that data scientists and business analysts may use to evaluate in a number of contexts. Their ultimate objective is to open up data so that businesses can utilize it to assess and improve their performance.
  • Data Architect: Data architects are IT specialists who utilize their knowledge of computer science and database architecture to assess and analyze an organization’s data infrastructure, create future database plans, and put into practice ways to store and manage data for both businesses and their users.
  • Statistician: A statistician is a specialist who uses applied statistics to address current business issues. To support crucial business decision-making, they gather precise data, process the raw data, and then analyze data sets with specialist tools.
  • Business analyst: Business analysts analyze recent and historical business data with the main objective of enhancing organizational decision-making procedures.
  • Quantitive Analyst: A quantitative analyst, also known as a “quant,” is a professional who uses statistical and mathematical techniques to solve financial and risk management issues. He/she creates and uses sophisticated models that businesses use to decide on financial and commercial matters like investments and pricing.

Career Path of a Data Scientist

Path 1: You can complete your 12th grade from the science stream with computer science and then finish your, B.Sc., or BCA in computer science. To continue, you can pursue a certificate in big data/SAS/R/tableau.

Path 2: You can complete 12 grade with science stream in Maths. Then you can complete B.Sc. in Maths and Statistics (Hons.). You may also continue with an M.Sc. in statistics. After that, you can continue with your SAS/R/Tabaleu certificate.

Path 3: You can complete 12-Any stream and then earn your bachelor’s degree in any stream. You can continue with an MBA. You can also continue with a SAS/R/VB/Excel certificate.

Read this blog to learn about how to become a Data Scientist.

Salary of Data Scientist at different stages of career

The average yearly income for data scientists in India is 10.6 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 4.5 lakhs to 25.6 lakhs.

A data scientist makes an annual salary of Rs. 698,412. A data scientist with less than a year of experience might expect to make around Rs. 500,000 a year. The average salary for data scientists with one to four years of experience is Rs. 610,811.

Skills required to become a Data Scientist

1. Probability and Statistics

The goal of data science is to use sophisticated methods, algorithms, or systems to analyze data and derive knowledge, insights, and knowledge-based decisions. In that situation, drawing conclusions, estimating, or making predictions are crucial components of data science.

Making estimates for additional analysis with the aid of statistical tools is facilitated by probability.

  1. Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra

The majority of machine learning and data science models are created using several predictors or unknowable variables. Building a machine learning model requires extensive multivariate calculus understanding.

  1. Programming Language

Programming is fundamentally what data science is. Programming Skills for Data Science assemble all the core abilities required to convert unprocessed data into useful insights. Although there isn’t a set rule for choosing a programming language, Python and R are the most popular choices.

  1. Analytics and Modeling

A qualified data scientist is required to possess the most recent data science training and high levels of expertise because data is only as good as the individuals performing the analytics and modeling on it. A Data Scientist should be capable of analyzing data, conducting tests, and developing models to get fresh insights and forecast potential consequences. 

  1. Data Visualization

A crucial part of being a data scientist is being able to effectively communicate critical messages and gain support for suggested solutions. One ability that any Data Scientist will need to adapt in order to grow professionally is understanding how to break complex data down into smaller, more manageable chunks as well as employing a number of visual aids (charts, graphs, and more).

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Is Data Scientist a good Career option?

  • Data science and analytics are predicted to employ more than 11 million workers by 2026. After the United States, India is the country where jobs for data scientists are most plentiful. The strong demand for data scientists in India is one of the primary factors influencing their high pay.
  • Businesses may now tailor their services and enhance customer experiences thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence. From information technology to health care, from e-commerce to marketing and retail, they are thriving in every sector.
  • Data science is developing quickly due to the rising demand for data on a global scale. By utilizing data and information, data scientists may be able to assist businesses in making better strategic decisions. They have excellent opportunities to experiment and interact with data to identify the best solutions for organizations.

Type of Industries hiring Data Scientists

  • BFSI
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications 
  • Automotive 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Professional Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction

Top Recruiters for Data Scientists in India

  • Flipkart
  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • Citrix
  • Myntra
  • Fractal Analytics
  • Deloitte
  • LinkedIn
  • Sigmoid

Courses to upskill as a Data Scientist

You can pursue the following courses to upskill yourself as a Data Scientist

  • Scaler: Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Advance Program in Data Science
  • PGDM in Data Science
  • Micromasters program in Data Science and Statistics

Qualification to become a Data Scientist

Degrees in India

Numerous undergraduate and graduate programs, including those in computer science, engineering, business, and finance, teach data science. After the 12th grade, data science can be studied as a distinct curriculum. BTech, BSc, and MTech degrees with a focus in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Big Data are common after high school.

Undergraduate Courses for Data Science

BSc Data Science3 years
BSc Data Science4 years
BTech Big Data Analytics4 years
BSc in Programming and Data Science3 years
Advance program in Data Science12 months

Degree Abroad

As data science, degrees are still in their early stages, the structure and syllabus for each program will differ from college to college. In general, data science combines elements of computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

Data science can be studied as a BSc, which can be completed in three or four years depending on the country.

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  • Machine Learning Simplified
  • Naked Statistics
  • Storytelling with Data
  • R for Data Science

Famous Personality

  • Geoffrey Hinton
  • Jeff Hammerbacher
  • Dhanurjay Patil
  • Dean Abbott
  • Yann Lecunn

We wish you luck in your endeavors as a data scientist and trust that you now have a thorough knowledge of the field.

That’s it from us for now, keep checking back for more such content.

FAQs about the career as a Data Scientist

Is data science a good career?

Indeed, a job in data science offers excellent prospects for future progression. Data Scientist has been referred to as the “greatest job in America” by Glassdoor and has been labeled “the most promising career” by LinkedIn due to the high demand, attractive salary, and abundance of benefits.

Does Data Science need coding?

An IT-enabled profession is data science.
Data Scientists concentrate on assisting their organization in using data, similar to how most IT positions help their firm use a particular technology. They are in charge of obtaining commercial value and are specialists at managing enormous amounts of data.

Is data scientist an IT job?

An IT-enabled profession is data science.
Data Scientists concentrate on assisting their organization in using data, similar to how most IT positions help their firm use a particular technology. They are in charge of obtaining commercial value and are specialists at managing enormous amounts of data.

Can a data scientist work from home?

One of the most sought-after careers that can be carried out from home is that of a data scientist, and by 2028, the industry is expected to grow by 16%. Companies in a range of industries, including healthcare, communication, and data analytics, need data scientists, analysts, and engineers.

Which degree is best for a data scientist?

You need an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field, such as business information systems, computer science, economics, information management, mathematics, or statistics, to work as a data scientist.

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