Boston University SAT Scores : Requirements & Admission Process

Boston SAT Score

What comes to your mind when you think of Boston University SAT Scores? Boston is considered one of the best and reputed institutions in the world. Situated in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, it is the favorite destination for students seeking to apply for admissions abroad. If you are also the one interested in taking admission to Boston, then this article is your perfect guide to solve all your doubts. 

Boston University SAT Scores & Admission Details

The first step of getting admitted into college is to research and see whether you qualify for admission eligibility or not. As you may already know, colleges require GPA and other scores like SAT, you need to start preparing for it already in advance. After completing your high school, this is the first crucial thing that you need to do to secure admission to targeted colleges. 

Since there are a lot of requirements that you need to fulfill to get admission, we have covered everything in this article to help you get into University. 

Boston University SAT Scores

As per the previous trend, it is seen that students scoring above 1310-1500 are getting shortlisted for admission. In case you are targeting admission in 2022, you should consider aiming for scores higher than this to get admission. Apart from SAT scores, you also need to ensure that you score well in higher education and get good grades.  (Source: US News)

In 2022-23, Boston University is following a test-optional option where you have a choice to submit your SAT Score in the application. In case you do not submit SAT scores, your application will be evaluated based on a portfolio, high school grades, and a statement of purpose.

Admission Data

The admission data is a crucial part of considering admission into an institution like Boston University SAT Scores. From the acceptance rate to the number of students admitted, these are some of the figures that can give you the reference to see how much probability you have in terms of securing admission. To know more, the next section covers everything about Boston University’s admission and acceptance rate.

Boston University Acceptance Rate

How do you know how many students out of total applicants get selected for Boston University? The acceptance rates tell you the percentage of the number of applications selected out of total applications received. Boston University has a very good acceptance rate as compared to other top colleges and this is one of the reasons you should target it to get admission if you are planning to study abroad. 

As per BU Today, Boston University had around an 18.3% acceptance rate for the Class of 2025. In total, the university has received around 76,000 applications out of which 13,884 applicants were called for admission.

Admission Data: Historical Statistics of Admission 2020

Here is the table to help you with the data of 2020 which you can refer to know about admission statistics.

Boston University Application & Enrollment Data 2020

GenderTotal ApplicationsNo. of Admissions Offered
Source: NCES

Boston University GPA Requirements

You might all agree that parents and teachers push you to score good grades so that you can get admission into top-rated colleges and universities. Here also, in the case of Boston University, it is completely true. You need to have a certain amount of GPA in high school to qualify for admission. But do you know what GPA you need to target to secure admission? Don’t Worry, we have answered this question below.

What is the Minimum GPA required to get into Boston University?

Boston University needs you to have a target GPA of 3.0+ to increase your chances of getting shortlisted during the admission process. This is a crucial factor that you need to ensure if you are appearing for your high school exams. However, if you have already appeared for a high school exam and there are chances that you might have a low score then you need to focus on other parts like higher SAT Score, Portfolio, etc. (Source: US News)

Boston University SAT Scores Requirements

Want to know how much weightage SAT Score has for getting admission to Boston University? Boston University is quite competitive but there are chances that you can secure admission if you have a Good SAT Score along with a higher GPA. These are the two crucial factors that can affect your application acceptance so it’s better that you should focus on these two right from the start. You need to work hard to get into the best of possibilities for getting admission in it.

Boston University SAT Scores Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

Are you wondering about what the new Boston University SAT Scores are? As you might be taking the SAT in 2022, you should know that the College Board which is the official authority has redesigned this exam in 2016 as per the needs and convenience of students. Earlier SAT was calculated out of 2400 but in New SAT, the total cumulative score is graded out of 1600. 

While talking about Boston University SAT range criteria, you need to have a score above 1300 to increase your probability of getting shortlisted. As there is no strictly mentioned figure which is followed we can refer to the past trend of 2020 where more than 59% of students who were admitted were having SAT Score of more than 1300. (Source: )

Who actually gets into Boston University?

Being an SAT Applicant, it should be your dream to get into Boston University. As a prestigious name, it carries a world-class reputation with international-level education that enables you to become competitive in life. But as you might know, the admission process is competitive, it is your best chance to get admission by fulfilling various criteria as mentioned below:

  • You need to have a GPA above 3.0 making your grades A or A+ in high school.
  • An average SAT Score of more than 1300 is required for admission.
  • You need to be exceptionally well in terms of extracurricular activities defining your portfolio differently from other applicants.
  • In case you have attempted for the SAT multiple times, you can send your highest scores to increase your chances of admission.

Build your competitiveness: Increase chances of selection

Do you know that Boston University considers students who have exceptional academic records and great skill sets? While we always focus on academics, we sometimes forget that these colleges do prefer to admit students who are not just academically strong but also who showcase exceptional skills. If you are the one who is good in studies but lacks a portfolio, it is high time you should also focus on building your portfolio to increase your chances of getting admission. By enrolling in internships or taking the Junior MBA Program by Clever Harvey can help you to learn new-age careers and skills related to technology, marketing, and strategy to build your portfolio.

Quick Facts: Boston University SAT Scores Requirements 2022

If you are interested in appearing for Boston University SAT 2022, here are various things that you need to know:

  • Does Boston University have any different SAT Requirements? Boston University follows a standardized process of SAT Scoring where you can attempt for the SAT and then send the scores while filling application form.
  • What is the SAT Score needed to qualify for Boston? In the class of 2021, the average SAT score was above 1300 so as an applicant you should set a bar of the highest score possible to get admission to Boston University.
  • Is Boston University Test-Optional in 2022? If you are applying for University, it is not mandatory to send your test scores but in case if you have already taken it or are looking to appear on the next test date, it is advisable to submit to increase your chances of admission.
  • What is required for Boston University SAT Scores Application? You need to have a valid passport and Aadhar card at the time of filing the SAT Registration form.

Boston University SAT Scores Application Requirements

There are various things apart from the SAT Score which is required for admission to Boston University. Here are key points to consider while applying for admission through University Admission Portal:

  1. You can apply for undergraduate courses through the official admission portal
  2. You need to submit academic records or a report card of higher education.
  3. SAT Scores should be submitted along with the application. In case you are opting for the test-optional process, you can skip the SAT Score as it is not a mandatory requirement for admission in 2021-22.
  4. Letter of Recommendation by a school teacher.
  5. Documents like- Financial Proof, Valid Passport, ID Card, Photograph, etc.
  6. Portfolio mentioning your achievements, work experience, etc.

Tips for applying to Boston University

Are you looking for some tips related to applying to Boston University? Here are some of the points to help you get started for applying to University:

  • What matters for the Admission Process at Boston University? As an applicant, you need to be ambitious and should possess an innovative mindset. The admissions committee strictly looks for your portfolio and your ability apart from SAT Scores.
  • Since acceptance Rate is 18%, if you score more than 1300-1400 on the SAT Exam, it can increase your chances of admission. 
  • You should submit a short essay precisely mentioning your interests and intent to apply for admission.
  • You can also choose the option to defer for one year after admission. Seeking covid conditions, this can be a helpful thing for you to consider while applying for admission. (source:

Final Thoughts: Why should you apply to Boston University?

Having the thought in mind that why should you apply to Boston University? Here are various reasons for you to consider University as your dream college:

  • Academic Exposure: As a student, you might always want to study in an environment where you can gain the best knowledge and guidance. Boston University is one such place with rigorous academics as you will get the chance to explore a wide variety of subjects and courses taught by experienced professors.
  • Recognition of Top Ranked University: The BU is considered as one of the best top-ranked universities that offer you name and recognition as an alumni to explore further opportunities in life.
  • Multi-Dimensional Knowledge: You might not be the one who just wants to study but also wants to seek exposure to real-world knowledge. Boston University is a place where you can explore the best extracurricular activities and skill-based programs apart from academics.
  • Global Network: Being one of the favorite education destinations of international students, you get a chance to explore global networks and diverse cultures by meeting students from varied countries.
  • World Class Infrastructure: It might be your dream to study in a college with a great campus that should have all the facilities related to sports, arts, and entertainment. Boston University being a top-ranked university has all such facilities to build competitiveness within you as a student.

FAQs related to Boston University SAT Scores

Should I apply to Boston University?

Yes, Boston University is quite reputed and if you are looking for the best education with exposure, it is the perfect choice for you. However, You can apply for Boston University with any SAT Score but you should remember that If you can manage the 90th percentile in SAT where your score is above 1300, there are chances that you can get shortlisted for admission. As the university has an acceptance rate of 18%, you can probably have a better chance of getting admission if you score higher.

What is the fee for applying to Boston University?

The Boston University Application fee is $80.

Does Boston University have a fee waiver policy for application fees?

Yes, Boston University offers a fee waiver to applicants that are subject to fulfillment of several criteria such as – family income less than eligibility guidelines, you got an SAT Fee Waiver, Supporting Statement for Fee Waiver from School/Counsellor, etc.

Do I need to apply for Boston University apart from SAT?

Yes, Boston University has its seperate application process where you can apply for admission.

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