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Babson College SAT
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Attending Babson College or simply Babson would be a dream come true for any student! This private research university in Massachusetts, USA is focused on entrepreneurial education. This business minded school has a selective admissions process.  Since all the students are carefully selected Babson is able to provide an excellent learning environment. To get into this university your application would definitely require some hard work and careful planning. This article will tell you about all the requirements from Babson College, including Babson College SAT score, Babson College ACT score, Babson College acceptance rate, etc. 

Babson College SAT Requirements

Babson College SAT Policy

Babson College is test-optional for the admissions cycles of 2022-23, 2023-24, 2024-25. This means that your Babson College SAT and ACT scores are no longer required as part of your application. The students who choose not to submit their test scores will not be at a disadvantage to other Babson College applicants as a result of this policy.

However, the college will accept the test scores for those students who want to include SAT or ACT scores as part of their applications to Babson. According to the university website, “All applicants are considered in a contextual and holistic way. While the greatest focus is placed on your four-year performance, we also look at your writing ability, optional standardized test scores, and leadership, creativity, and enthusiasm.”

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Babson College SAT Requirements 2022

Many students choose to make use of the test-optional policy and not submit their Babson College SAT score or Babson College ACT score in 2021. You should include your score if you think it will make your application stand out. 

% who submitted SAT or ACT scores
Admitted  Students60%

This is a section wise breakdown of Babson College SAT score for the middle 50% of accepted applicants in 2021. 

SAT SectionAverage Range
SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing620-700
SAT Math650-750
SAT Total1270-1490

The range of scores for the middle 50% of accepted students was 1330-1450. So a Babson College SAT score of 1450 would be above average and might help your application to this college be considered. 

Babson College ACT Requirements 2022

The range of ACT scores of the middle 50% of students accepted to Babson College in 2021 was 31-34. Therefore a Babson College ACT score of 34 would put you well above average in terms of Babson College applicants while a score of 31 would be below average. 

Babson College Application Deadlines 2022

Application PlanApplication DeadlineDecisionEnrollment
Early Decision INovember 1Mid- DecemberJanuary 15
Early Decision IIMid-DecemberMid- FebruaryMarch 15
Early ActionNovember 1January 1May 1
Regular DecisionJanuary 3Mid- March May 1

Babson College English Proficiency Testing Requirements 2022

Babson College requires all International Students to submit proof of English proficiency if their native language is not English. The language tests accepted by Babson College are TOEFL, IELTS, the Duolingo English test and the Cambridge Assessment English Qualifications–C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency or C1 Business Higher accepted. 

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Babson College Acceptance Rate 2022

Out of 7104 applicants in 2021, Babson College admitted 1776 students, giving them a Babson College Acceptance Rate of 25%. Out of every 100 students who apply, only 25 of them get in. 

Babson College places focus on academic motivation, academic performance, and extracurriculars. Therefore, simply a high Babson College SAT or ACT score, or great extracurriculars are not going to give you the edge you need. Aim to show the admissions team your interest and motivation to succeed in different fields. 

Proof of skills and work experience are a great way to boost your application. Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA program gives you the chance to work on real projects at real companies like Domino’s, Cultfit, and Samsonite. The certificate you receive from these companies upon completion of the project is recognized by universities around the world. The projects you work on, like building an ad campaign or solving a technical problem for a mobile application, give you skills that you can actually apply in the working world and the admissions team will recognize this. 

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