Does AI have a place in Filmmaking?


Artificial intelligence can be utilized to curate video films, produce sound, and make a carbon copy of human faces. Last year, my teammates and I represented our school in a national-level filmmaking contest on the subject of AI, and in that short film, we made a face utilizing AI and also produced a voice cut that read aloud a part of our script. 

This video took us over 4 hours to edit. To add to that, the innumerable cuts and transitions were so tedious. But what if we imagine a scenario where we have AI or robots doing that for us. I mean we don’t have to look for any video clips and melodies and afterward sync the tune with the progression of the film, AI will do that all in a fraction of time. Sounds like a dream right? 

The way that AI can ‘interpret’ recordings will permit it to assume a part in essentially any class of editing instrument- be it colour adjustment or object removal, enhanced visualizations or picture adjustment, and substantially more. At this moment large numbers of the tools in such roles utilize complex algorithms to try to examine recordings, which AI could replace in the end. 

A great deal of softwares now have started including automation tools to make the life of editors easier. Tools like Adobe’s Sensei AI can be utilized to perform repetitive tasks automatically. With platforms like Lumen5, clients can simply transfer the necessary clips alongside the content and it will make the video utilizing AI. While utilizing NLP to feature significant watchwords from the content, it computes the situation of the writings dependent on the creation of the media record. Additionally, if the clients don’t have the necessary video, sound and clips, the software permits you to browse a tremendous library of objects as fillers. 

I like to make and edit short films, as a pastime. As a video editor myself, seeing these applications like Lumen5 terrifies me. These softwares can assume control over the jobs of human video editors yet the thought as a content creator is to begin utilizing these applications and get accustomed to them. This is on the grounds that despite the fact that AI can deliver good videos, it can’t produce those customized effects and that degree of good quality substance, which implies that it needs human oversight. So if you have experience of using the software, your work gets simpler as the greater part of the work is finished by the AI and you simply need to roll out those particular improvements to give the customized impact to the clips, and boom the video is ready. So the real question is that would we surrender our imaginative independence for robotization, or will man-made intelligence remove the wizardry from filmmaking?

By Karan Kapur
The Millennium School Noida
Grade: 12

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