Career as a Screenwriter- A guide to your Movie writing!

When you are watching a horror movie, have you ever wondered why is that particular character going to the attic when obviously the ghost is present there? Why is she climbing the crooked stairs? Why are the children planning to play in the house that they know is haunted? I have so many times called […]

Career as a Dermatologist

Skin is one of the most essential organs of the human body it is the first line of defence against diseases and it is an indicator of how healthy you are from the inside. Being a dermatologist is one of the most in-demand specializations in the doctor’s world because of their lifestyle and rewarding pay […]

Career as an Interior Designer

Do you enjoy adorning your home? Some people are born with an artistic talent for design. If you enjoy decorating rooms and arranging furniture, an interior design career may be for you. Interior designers are in high demand today, whether in corporate or residential settings, and it has evolved into a promising career path. Interior […]

Career as a Lawyer

Do you love watching courtroom dramas like Suits and Ace Attorney? For all the K-drama fans, didn’t you love Vincenzo and Extraordinary Attorney Woo? Aren’t all the trials in these shows exciting to watch?  After watching these shows, did it ever occur to you that you can pursue a career as a lawyer? Did this […]

Career as a Software Engineer

If you are the type of person who enjoys deciphering the cryptic code that lies behind the final product, if you want to create software that solves global problems, and if you want to communicate with computers in their languages rather than humans, then you should consider a career as a software engineer. Read the […]