Career as an Image Consultant

An image consultant offers people advice on people’s appearance. It is a position that is best suited for a people person with a sense of style and fashion. Though there isn’t really a defined career path for the position, getting your foot in the door can seem challenging. This blog is a comprehensive guide to […]

Career as a Brand Manager – The Complete Guide

Have you ever thought about how big brand names such as Puma, Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola have become household names? They probably have had a series of brand managers that have helped them get noticed and become a trusted brand in the market. Do you think you can do the same? Then a career as a […]

Career as an Indian Revenue Service Officer

Do you want to work for the country and pursue a career that will be very fulfilling? Are you interested in finance but dislike the routine 9 to 5 office jobs? Many people have it in them to work to improve their country, and its people and to start a revolution. Many young aspirants actually […]

<strong>Career as a Teacher</strong>

Do you ever wish you were in your teacher’s position when you observe them? Do you love instructing and are you regarded as the class expert? Do you wish to impart your expertise and educate the next generation of smart people? Then it is almost clear that you are considering a teaching position. For information […]

Career as an Architect

Do you enjoy problem-solving? Are you a MECHANIX or a LEGO fan? Do you ever find yourself intrigued by the shape and design of buildings, wondering what the person behind the design was attempting to convey or what the design’s purpose was? If you said yes, you have the mind of an architect—the amazing creators […]